What Are You Watching?

I am a TV whore.  I love it.  After reading Shannon O.’s post about her shows got me thinking.  What do you all watch on a regular biases?  I have a set schedule and thanks to Tivo I don’t miss a show.  It is really sad that I watch so much TV in one week, but I still get everything done and have time to read atleast two books a week.  I save alot of time with Tivo a one hour show is only 40 minutes, a half hour show on MTV only 18 minutes.  See the time I save.  We never watch shows live, never ever!

Sunday – Extreme Makeover, 7th Heaven, Soprano’s, Entourage, Big Love 

Monday – Heros, King of Queens, 2 1/2 men, Something about Brian

Tuesday – Gilmore Girls, Law & Order SVU, American Idol, Jon & Kate plus Eight, Tori & Dean Inn Love

Wednesday – American Idol, Real Word, CSI NY, Medium

Thursday – Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, October Road, Ace of Cakes, CSI Las Vegas

Friday – Ghost Whisperer, Phych

Everyday – Days of our Lives, Entertainment Tonight

Whenever I catch them – Whose Wedding is it Anyway, 30 Minute Meals, Nancy Grace, Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee and Paula Dean,

So what do you all watch????

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