I am stuck here at work for two more days until th…

I am stuck here at work for two more days until the weekend. I am so poor this week I will be living on peanut butter and jelly for the week. LOL It’s ok cause my rent will be paid and I will still have a house…LOL

I wore the worst possible thing today. It is a black chenille Sweater and it is new. I had it cleaned before I wore it, but my whole office if covered in Black fuzz! It was even all in my lunch. Ewe! I had the best lunch! Last night I made a pork Roast with my mom’s secret topping! MMMM So good! I also made Garlic Mashed Potatoes. God they were good. I am so silly though. Greg is coming over for dinner right, so I am roasting Garlic for the potatoes and it is done way before the roast and I am picking out the garlic cloves to add to the potatoes and what do I do??? I stuck one in my mouth and eat it not even thinking. Well Nikki gets so hysterical. I was all absent minded not thinking that when Greg comes in and kisses me hello I will be all repelling vampires and what not. I had to run upstairs and brush my teeth and mouthwash out my mouth. I was glad too because when Greg came he had brought me a bunch of Stargazer Lilies. They are so my favorite flower and he really got a nice kiss for that! I love how thoughtful he is! He just surprised me out of the blue on a ordinary Wednesday night with flowers! I was so excited!

Tonight “the shows” are on. I can’t wait. ER looks great! I just love Abby and Carter together! Friends looks funny as ever. I really hope they make a go at another season. I just haven’t liked any new shows in so long and my good old favorites keep going off the air!

Our trip is really almost set! We reserved the truck last night and I called and reserved the Hotel today when I got to work. We are defiantly staying at the Sheraton. It looks like a nice hotel. All that is left is to get the tickets online this weekend probably and we are all set! Our flight leaves at 8:00am and we get to New York at 9:10. Not to bad if you ask me. It is an 8 hour drive so the 70 minutes in the air will be a breeze!

Wednesday! Only two more days until the weekend! …

Wednesday! Only two more days until the weekend! Somedays I think I hate people. I just spoke to the rudest lady in the world on the phone. I was sickly sweet and I hope she hated it! Dawson�s Creek comes on tonight. I love this show. I knew I have out grown it, but it�s all I have left of the good teen shows. I still wish all the time the 90210 was still on. Thank god for FX. Dawson��I think this is a cool name. I however already have my future, unmade children�s names picked out.

I am getting so excited about my upcoming New York Trip. Greg and I are flying up on November 8th and then driving back a U-haul full of his stuff from when he used to live there. I kinda feel funny going up there knowing his ex-girl friend will be so close. I am excited about the trip though! I love trips and Hotels. I believe we are staying at the Sheraton Hotel. It has an indoor pool. I can�t wait to go swimming. We are going to meet Lisanne (if all goes as planned) and her husband Jeff for dinner at The Wheatfields. This is a Pasta restaurant which, makes all there own Pasta on location.

We are also taking a trip at the end of the month. We are going to Ocean City, MD the night of Thanksgiving and staying until December 1st. Nikki and her Boyfriend Jason are meeting us �doweyocean� (a little Baltimore accent there) on Friday night. We have a bunch of cool places to go not to mention lots of Christmas Shopping to start at the outlet malls. The Christmas celebration of lights starts that weekend. I am excited. I think my dad is going to let us use his condo for the weekend.

Well I totally hate working late. I am just getti…

Well I totally hate working late. I am just getting home and making dinner. A scrambled Egg. I had alot to do today and more for tomorrow. I need a raise and have been up for one since July at my aniverary. No one wants to take the time to do my evaluation. I am ready to start letting up on the amount of overtime and extra stuff I do until the realize that I am needed more then they all think!

I am really sleepy so this is a quicky entry! I hope you all have a great night.

P.S. Did anyone see the end of CSI last night….I fell asleep!!

I am getting ready to leave for work. I just want…

I am getting ready to leave for work. I just wanted to post a quick message…..Greg if you are reading this leave me a comment and let me know! I have a sneaky suspition he has located my blog…HEHE…everyone else who is reading this can leave me a comment too….I love them. Everyone have a super day!!!!!!!!

I had a super weekend. On Friday I stayed up unti…

I had a super weekend. On Friday I stayed up until 2:30 making Bath Products that a lady from work ordered. It all turned out good. Saturday morning I woke up early and went to Ellen’s Church in Irvington. She seemed to like them a lot. After that I went through the graveyard that connects Irvington to Arbutus. It’s called Loudon Park. I “visited” my grandmothers. I also got upset thinking about how hard it must be to not have your parents. My Mom is sick and it upsets me so much. I know I shouldn’t think like that.

Saturday I came home and cleaned really good and I took a shower and put on my favorite outfit….Jeans and a black sweater and my boots. Greg came over and soon as he walked in he told me how beautiful I looked. He is such a sweetie. I am really starting to think he is the one. We get alone so good and he is so nice and sweet. After he picked me up and gave me my present, an expansion pack for the game Roller Coaster Tycoon. Then we went to Papa John’s Pumpkin Farm. We got two Pumpkins and some squirrel corn. Then we went to our favorite place to eat, T.G.I.Fridays. Then we came home and carved our pumpkins. They are so cute. I took pictures of us so I will post them soon as I get them developed. We also went to Walmart and watched Trading Spaces. All in all a great night.

Sunday Greg woke me up with a kiss and he whispered in my ear “Happy 3 month Anniversary”. We then got up and played Roller Coaster Tycoon and I made breakfast. Then we watched the Raven’s game and I fell asleep. It was great! Greg had to go to work though so I got dressed and went to my mom’s. My Mom & Dad and Laura and I had a great dinner and then rented a movie. It was a lot of fun!

HI! It seems like ages since I have written. Onl…

HI! It seems like ages since I have written. Only two days or so really! Right now I am answering phones for the receptionist while she is at lunch. I wish the phone would stop ringing so I can write!


This paragraph contains graphic details of a trip to the �Girl Doctor�, skip it if you would like. When I left you all last I was heading to the Doctor the next day. I woke up Wednesday worrying about it. Being scared and apprehensive. I took a shower and got all ready to leave and I looked down and had Eyeliner all over my pants! I had to change clothes then run to pick up my mom, who was going to the doctor with me. Well I get to the doctor and take the pregnancy test (negative�wh-oo) and I get weighed (down two whole pounds since august�LoL). Then I went into the room and found out by reading this poster that fourteen days after you start your period you are the most fertile (I know when to skip sex, now don�t I?). Then the nurse took my Blood Pressure (122/83). I then told her how scared I was. Now this isn�t the first Colposcopy (a procedure in which the cervix is examined with a microscope). The nurse was so nice and calmed me down some, then Dr. Shih came in and hugged me (kinda weird with me sitting there in my sweater and lovely lap cover provided by the nurse), Dr. Shih sat down and we talked about what she was going to do. I asked her what caused my Pap to came back LSIL (Low-grade Squamous intraepithelial lesions). She told me it could be simple as irritation or it could be a Pre Cancer Cells, strain of HPV or some other infection such and a Yeast infection or a bacterial infection. She also told me they would take cultures for everything under the sun and a biopsy of the center of the cervix. See during the Colposcopy they paint your cervix with a vinegar solution that will pick up any Pre Cancer Cells. So she started the procedure and explained that Kathy the nurse is new and had never done this before. So it was good to hear her explain everything to the both of us. She did the Colposcopy and said my cervix was pretty boring. No signs of anything except a cyst on the side that was there before, but was turning white with the vinegar solution on it. She said they were going to Biopsy that too. UGH! I know I can�t have children. These Biopsies hurt so bad. I was crying. During the last one, the cyst, I started bleeding bad and she had to use some medicine to get me to stop bleeding. I was then instructed to go home and lay with my feet up to slow the bleeding. I missed the whole day at work. Hey also told me no sex and no tampon use, which sucks! I haven�t used pads for like 6 years. I then headed home and put on my PJ�s and took a nap and lay around all night.


Yesterday sucked! I was still crampy and I came to work and I had so so much to do. This is the busiest week of the month. I got a lot done and I left on time. I had a lot to last night. I went home and my swap box was there. I was so excited. As I was opening it I got online to check my Email and Lisanne was on. We opened our boxes together. It was fun! We talked about stuff we had gotten and all! Then I had a quick plate of Spaghetti and left. I went to the dollar store to get baskets and Bath Poofs to put into the baskets I am making for Ellen�s (a work friend) Church benefit. Then I went to JoAnn Fabrics for some fabric to put on the jars. Then I went to get my nails done. I was an hour late for my appointment. It was at 7 and I thought it was at 8, so I was late! Then I left and stopped and my mom some Chili and went to her house to wash clothes. I didn�t get home until 12:00. Then I had not heard from Greg all night and was worried. He called me at 12:30 and he was still at work! The silly guy had fallen asleep. LoL Then I went up to bed and couldn�t fall asleep until like after 2. I am so sleepy.

I have a lot to do tonight. I have to pick up little Rachel (goddaughter) and we have to have a talk about lying and the consequences of it. Then I have to go get the rest of my soap making supplies and then come home to make 6 Jars of Sugar Scrub, 6 bags of bath salts, 6 bags of bath bombs, 6 bible soaps, and 6 lip balms! I will be up all night. Hope you all have a great weekend.

I know I know….I missed a day yesterday. I had …

I know I know….I missed a day yesterday. I had such a nice weekend! Greg met my mom and that went well. She said he seemed nice. We had a good time at the farmers market. Greg bought me a pretty mum. It is light purple and white. I also got mushrooms to make some spaghetti. I love mushrooms. No one else is a big fan of them, but I figure they can pick them out. Greg lent me a great game. Rollercoaster tycoon. Has anyone ever played? It is so fun. Almost Sims fun. My Sims haven’t been working good lately. I need a new computer.

Yesterday I worked until 8 PM. Then I went to the grocery store and got stuff for the lunch that was today. It wasn’t horrible, but these work people need a lesson on party throwing. Then I had Dinner at Nikki’s dad’s. It was ok. He isn’t the worlds best cook.

Today I am working late again, then I may go to Fresh Fields. I have a Bath Product order. I am making up 5 baskets for this lady at work to give to her church people. I need Sweet Almond Oil and have no time to order any!

Things with Greg are going so great. On the 27th it will be 3 months that we have been together. He is so nice and sweet. I do think I am in love with him. We have so much in common. We are taking a trip to Saratoga Springs New York in November. I am excited! We are most likely having dinner with Lisanne and her husband. I have never met anyone offline before, but I feel like I know her, she has been a great friend.

Tomorrow I am coming into work late. I have a “Girl Doctor” appointment tomorrow. It is a follow up from last months appointment. I am scared. My Pap Test came back abnormal. This happened last year and after a biopsy and a colposcopy* I was told I was fine and it was nothing to worry about. That is what I am having done tomorrow. I am scared. I hope nothing is wrong. It could be pre-cancer signs. I hope nothing is seriously wrong!

I will update tomorrow. Good Night!

*This is a test that involves a microscope and it is not painful, the biopsy is the PAINFUL part. Well last year the doctor is all down there with this microscope and the nurse it there and the thing won’t come on. They are all trying it and messing around with this microscope and I am spread Eagle and they are in between my legs with a microscope for like ever. It took forever! LOL It was so funny!