Now for the reason

Now for the reason I was wondering about being a grown up……..I am 24 years old and I have been dating my Boyfriend Greg for about 4 months.  Well ever since I started dating him I feel grown up. Isn’t that silly??? I have had boyfriends before and dated some fun guys, but since I started seeing Greg I have been feeling like a grown up. Now I still look like I am 17 or 18 and I still love kids stuff like cartoons and Glitter and Bright colors and all. I never ever took my old boyfriends around my parents much or family, but with him I want them to like him and know him. I take him to family parties or celebration dinners. It is odd. I was laying in bed the other night and was just wondering if this is how it feels to be grown up. I have a whole group of friends. Friends I have been friends with for years and years and now it is weird, I mean we were partiers. There wasn’t a weekend that wnet by that “The Guys” were not over and that we weren’t drunk. I haven’t even seen “The Guys” for months. I trade an email with Tony once in a while or a call from Ed, Mitch well I haven’t even talked to him since his wedding in august. I miss them. I don’t know about this grown up stuff. I mean I was the group gossip, I was the one who had the parties, who picked the movies, who aranged the vacations, who waxed the Eyebrows, now I am the one who plans her future, picks her kids names and invisions wedding dresses. Mitch is Married, Tony just bought a house, Bob is in the Secret Service and Ed is living with his Girlfriend. If you click on the links you can see the pictures of when we used to be Big Party Animals! Well I know I have lost it, but I just wanted to get all of this off my mind some. Have a great Saturday night!

I am alive I swear. I have been super busy at wor…

I am alive I swear. I have been super busy at work lately. Tonight I am making Bath Stuff and the shows are on. I am looking forward to Will and Grace. It is about Grace getting married. I am obsessed with weddings. I can’t wait until I get to be princess for a day. You know I am getting a crown or at least a tiara. I want one now just to wear around. I love sparkly things. I love shinny things. I have an unhealthy obsession with Body Glitter too. I would wear it everyday if I wouldn’t look stupid. I mean how dumb would a 24 year old women look wearing body glitter to work look? LOL I do however wear it a lot when I am home alone or Greg is there. He knows I am weird so it is ok. Last night was Family dinner night. It was good to be there. I love these nights. It was Nikki’s pick. She picked hamburgers and cheesy potatoes and they were just as good for lunch today. LOL I have a question……I was wonder how old you were when you decided you were a grown up?

T.G.I.F. I am so glad it is Friday! I love F…

T.G.I.F. I am so glad it is Friday! I love Friday’s. It is Pay day! Tonight I am hosting a sleepover. My God Daughter is staying with her two friends. They have a middle school dance tonight. Greg and I are going shoping. I have a 405 off coupon for Michaels and I need to go to Joanns. LOL Doesn”t that sound funny? Like these people are my friends instead of stores. Then we are going to go to the store to get munchies for the kids and then to Walmart for a few things. Then we are watching Clue. It is one of Greg’s favorite movies. Then I have to pick the girls up from the dance. Greg isn’t stayingthe night 😦 I will miss him! But I can’t set a bad example for these youngsters. I try my best to be a super role model for Rachel. Well I need to get to work and finish up some things. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Well I know I have taken a few days off.

Well I know I have taken a few days off. I just didn’t have anything worth typing. I am so sleepy today.

Last night I also went to my Mom’s for dinner. My mom has Chemo on Thursdays so from now on (how she is feelling permitted) we are having family dinner night on Wednesdays. I picked Chilie two weeks ago for dinner and last night was my sisters pick. Laura picked Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Barbaque. Next week is Nikki’s pick. I think she is going for hamburgers and specail cheese horsradise bacon sauce. MMM So good.

On another note….I forgot to telll you all that I got a clean bill of heath at the girl doctor. I had some problems and had some special test done and everything came back 100% normal! That have no idea what caused the abnormal pap test. I have no STD’s (not that I thought I did) and I had no pre cancer cells to be found! I have to start going back every 3 months, but that is ok, I don’t mind it too much!  I am so happy my Mom went with me!  She is the best Mom.  It was nice to have company cause I was so scared!  Now I am better though!  Well I better get back to work! God I love work….NOT!

On the way home.

On the way home.

Check out all of the photos here!

Check out all of the photos here!

Lisa & Greg I had such a great trip. It was…

Lisa & Greg

I had such a great trip. It was full of good luck! I woke up Friday morning at 5 am. I got ready and headed to my Dad’s house. He was taking Greg and I to the airport. We get to Greg’s house and since my Dad had never met him I was kinda nervous. What my parents think is very important to me. We pull up and Greg is outside and my Dad says “Who is this guy?” I am like “Daddy that is Greg!” and he says “Well his pants are to short!” hehe “Daddy they are shorts, stop being stupid”. Then Greg gets in and the drive to the air port s fine. They talk and my Dad seems to approve. Here is where our good luck starts. We walk in and get our tickets and of course I am chosen to be searched, then we board the plane and we are told that everyone can sit where they would like and that there will only be like 33 passengers. That is great! Then our flight is all of 45 minutes long. We touch down at the Albany International Airport and compared to BWI it is so small. in less then ten minutes we are off the plane, have our luggage and are in the taxi on the way to pick up our U-Haul Truck in Colonie, New York. We get there and are greeted by more good news. They have upgraded our truck to a 14 foot one at no charge! Then we stop for some breakfast and head to the storage unit. Greg had all of his stuff from when he lived in New York in storage. A top floor storage unit. UGH! after 2 hours and about 20 trips up and down the steps we had the truck loaded. It wasn’t so horrible. At one point I did get upset. We were almost done loading up and had the heavy as lead headboard and as we were putting it into the truck there was a Love note from Greg’s Ex-girlfriend taped to the head board. I wasn’t sure if Greg had seen it or not and he went up to grab the last box and I climbed up into the truck and I was going to steal it and throw it away. Well, I started thinking and it would have just been mean to steal it. I mean it was his, part of his past and in no way was it my right to steal and I decided that if I had seen it he may have too so I left it. Later we talked about it and he said he didn’t see it and not to worry it along with the head board were going in the trash, that he loved me and that she was a thing of the past. Then we headed to our hotel, The Sheraton of Saratoga Springs. It was HUGE! We had decided on just getting a double room. Well, when we checked in it turned out again we had been upgraded, this time to a suite! AWESOME! It was the best room ever. It had 5 telephones, a bar complete with ice maker, microwave, and fridge, it had a Jacuzzi tub, two TV’s. It was great! We quickly changed into out swim suits and headed for the pool. We swam for hours. It was just the two of us in an Olympic sized pool. When we got out my legs felt like jelly after all the stairs and the swimming. We took showers and got ready for dinner. We went to The Wheatfields Restaurant. It was great! We met Lisanne and her husband Jeff there. I was so nervous and Greg kept telling me that she was probably just as nervous as I was! I seen them walking up the street and she started waving and all the nervousness I had left. It was like visiting an old friend! She is so sweet! I was scared and wondered if she would be in person like she was on the Internet and she was….exactally! She is one of the nicest people I now know! We all talked and had a great dinner! I took her a little gift and I read that she liked it! It was just so much fun. We all went to the police station near where that had parked and took lots of pictures. Lisanne also brought her soap stuff for the swap! She did it again. She always has great products! Greg and I walked back to our hotel and I was so tired I fell asleep by like 9 or so.

Lisa & Lisanne

Saturday we woke up early and I took a long Jacuzzi bath! It was so great! I need a tub like that. The we went to the grocery store. Greg wanted some Ruby Red Squirt. We didn’t find any. Then we went to Denny’s for breakfast and the started our long long trip home. I slept from Albany to Binghamton. LOL I couldn’t hold my eyes open! I got some great pictures of the mountains coming home. We stopped to pee and stopped to get gas. Then we stopped at The Crackerbarrel Resturant. It was SO good. I had Fried Chicken with no bones and Greg had the biggest Bacon Cheese Burger I have ever seen. We then did some shopping in the country store. I got like 6 Christmas Tree Ornaments and a Tea Pot with a rooster on it for my Mom for Christmas. Then we started the final leg of our trip. It took about 3 hours from dinner to get home. Then I met Greg’s Mom, who was just so nice! I was scared, no one likes their son’s girl friend! LOL Then Greg took me to my Dad’s to pick up my car. My Dad showed us all of the stuff about our Christmas trip. My Dad is taking my sister and I either to Mexico or on a Western Caribbean Cruise. Didn’t I say before how great my parents are. LOL. I left my Dad’s and headed to my Mom’s. My favorite Aunt and Cousin are visiting. I am heading back there today. I got home last night and checked email and headed straight to bed! Talk about a busy weekend!