Well I know I have taken a few days off.

Well I know I have taken a few days off. I just didn’t have anything worth typing. I am so sleepy today.

Last night I also went to my Mom’s for dinner. My mom has Chemo on Thursdays so from now on (how she is feelling permitted) we are having family dinner night on Wednesdays. I picked Chilie two weeks ago for dinner and last night was my sisters pick. Laura picked Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Barbaque. Next week is Nikki’s pick. I think she is going for hamburgers and specail cheese horsradise bacon sauce. MMM So good.

On another note….I forgot to telll you all that I got a clean bill of heath at the girl doctor. I had some problems and had some special test done and everything came back 100% normal! That have no idea what caused the abnormal pap test. I have no STD’s (not that I thought I did) and I had no pre cancer cells to be found! I have to start going back every 3 months, but that is ok, I don’t mind it too much!  I am so happy my Mom went with me!  She is the best Mom.  It was nice to have company cause I was so scared!  Now I am better though!  Well I better get back to work! God I love work….NOT!


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