If you read my last entry about what I got for Chr…

If you read my last entry about what I got for Christmas and you may have been wondering what a Holdie is, read on and you will find out. When I was born some old lady who attended senior club with my Grandmother made me a baby afghan. I was brought home from the hospital in it and slept with it every night. My cousin who was two years older then me also had one. Mine was white, green and yellow and hers was pink, blue and white. After a while my aunt passed my cousin’s on to me and I would sleep with both of them every night. Well, they got tangled into this big ball and I would bunch it up under my head when I slept. By the time I was about 6 or 7 my grandmother had the lady make me a new one. It was Yellow, white and green like my first one. I would sleep with it every night. I just couldn’t sleep right without my Holdie or some other blanket up under my head. But why use some other blanket when my Holdie was so soft and just the right size. As I grew up it would go with me to slumber parties and over night trips to friends houses either balled up in the bottom of my sleeping bag or tucked into a pillow case. I just needed it up under my head to get a good nights sleep. Well, when I got about 20 I was like who cares! I have a Holdie and I don’t care who knows. LOL I came out of the closet. People would find it silly but it was no big deal. My boyfriend just kinda looked at me funny the first time he spent the night, and for like a month he felt funny calling it a Holdie (I guess 24 year old guys feel funny about little kid made up names) and would just say my Blanket. Now he doesn’t think twice about saying “Hey Lis, here is your Holdie.” LOL Well as you can imagine a 19 year old blanket that is used everyday has to be showing some wear and tear. Now on to Christmas……I was just going about my present opening Christmas morning and when I took the lid off of the box with the new Holdie in it I was SO happy. My Dad took my picture and then I started crying like a baby. I was just so happy. I get scared with my Mom being so sick that every special occasion will be her last. I think that is why it meant so much. It is like she thinks it too and wants the last Christmas or Birthday or whatever to be the most special memorable one. Last Christmas she had a Diamond I got from my great aunt when she died set into an emerald ring that my Mom had brought me from Jamaica a few years ago. It made the prettiest new ring. Now this year the new Holdie. God I am lucky to have such great parents!

I had the best Christmas. It was so super! We he…

I had the best Christmas. It was so super! We here in Maryland had a beautiful white Christmas. It was great. I spent the night Christmas Eve at my Mom’s house. I am such a kid. I woke up at 5:00 am and just couldn’t go back to sleep. That would be why I posted so early Christmas Morning. I got in the bath tub and took a jaccuzzi bath until like 7:30 then I got out and blew dry my hair and did my make up. I can’t have any ugly pictures. LOL I got everything I could ever imagine! It was great. My parents loved all of their gifts and so did Laura and Greg! Here is a list of everything I got yesterday:

From Greg I got:

A gold Watch with a diamond in it as the 12, A pair of purple mittens, a TRADING SPACES T- Shirt, A Ravens Ornament, A little football and key chain all ravens, A lemon drop shot kit that he made with a little bottle of vodka and sugar packs and all and candy.

From Laura I got:

a gift certificate to get my nails done, a pretty candle thing that has a shade made out of beads, a cool flower thing for my room, little candles, a CD-Boys to men greatest hits, a pocketbook, and a cheese dish and spreader that has a purple flower on it.

From Santa (AKA mom):

A curio cabinet, dvd player, a swiffer wet jet, a new holdie, a Iris candle holder that is so cool, 4 sweaters 2 shirts, 2 pair of jeans, 6 pairs of panties, 12 pair of socks, hair stuff, makeup, nail polish, the American pie dvd set of both movies, a few Yankee candles, shoes, a gold bracelet, gold

hoop earrings, film, batteries AA & AAA, printer ink in black and color, two pair of PJ’s, a long candle lighter, a bath poof, and I am sure I am forgetting a few things.

From Nikki:

A bath mat that is all squishy and you plug it in and it has a motor and bubbles come out of it, a purple flower pot, and a Purple extension cord with glitter in it, Jason gave Greg and I a %25.00 gift certificate to TGI Fridays.

From my dad:

I will find out probably tonight.

I hope everyone had as good of a Christmas as I did!

P.S. Happy Birthday NIKKI!

Good Morning. Just a quick update! I am feeling …

Good Morning. Just a quick update! I am feeling much better now, but I have been so busy! I just wanted to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Good Morning! I feel no better today….actually …

Good Morning! I feel no better today….actually worse. I want to rip my throat out! Hey it can’t feel much worse! It hurts like hell! I am up early going to work. I did order Nikki’s watch today. It is pretty, I hope she likes it. Fossil didn’t have much of a selection on Gold watches. I have to pick my cousin up from the bus station tonight. He is coming home from college. I have the best cousins, we are all so close. I can’t want to see him. After that tonight Nikki and I are going shopping. I hate it. I have done so much online ordering the year. Lots of sites were offering free shipping. Well I just wanted to post real quick before I head off to the sweat shop. LOL ok ok or te nice office building! Have a great day!

Just great! Now my belly is feeling better and my…

Just great! Now my belly is feeling better and my throat is killing me!!!!! It hurts so bad everytime I swallow! I just cleaned my downstairs up some and vaxcumed and now I am going to lay on the sofa and watch my Christmas Tree. I do however have a quick question……This is to all of the readers I have (haha)……How can I get more readers? Is there somewhere to sign up and advertise????

I sent a Christmas present to a friend the other d…

I sent a Christmas present to a friend the other day and I hope she gets it today. I love Christmas gifing and since I had to mail this gift I got to give it early! I found out I can get Nikki’s watch online and not have to pay shipping! Yeah! I wish I was home all day every day. I hope one day I will be a stay at home mom! There is just so much you can get done not working!

OK OK it is Wednesday

OK OK it is Wednesday and I am just updating about my weekend. I had a good one. Saturday I cleaned my room (I need to clean the rest of the house today). I am home sick again. I just felt sick in the morning. I also was tired and I didn’t want to wait for hot water. I know they are all excuses, but oh well! I wanted to go to the mall and get a Christmas present for Nikki, but my funds are not available yet on my credit card. I paid the bill a freaking week ago!!!!! God it makes me mad. I would never had paid so much on my credit card if I knew I couldn’t access the available credit right away. I wish it was Christmas already! I have so much still to do, but I want it over. I invited my friends “The Guys” and their respective Girl Friends over Saturday, but I haven’t heard back from them. I am nervous about them meeting my boyfriend and vise versa. Sunday I went to Greg’s and met his brother who doesn’t live with them. He is a nut! I also helped put up their Christmas tree. We then looked at their family pictures.

I added a notify list, if any of you are reading this please sign up!!!!!