Well it is almost time to leave work. I am going …

Well it is almost time to leave work. I am going to meet my mom right after work. She has a place she liked to eat that my sister and I hate, but as long as she is eating. Then I think we are going to go home and watch the Ya-Ya siterhood. I read the book and liked it very much. I am kinda sad because Greg was going to come over for dinner and maybe a movie or something and I love spending time with him, exspecailly during the week cause that is when I miss him the most. My mom called and asked me to come over though and I just couldn’t tell her no, I would rather be with her then anyone.  I also have to stop the the store and get some stuff in case it snows and I am snowed in tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be great! Well I wish snow for you all and I hope you have a good night.


Well I ended up going to dinner with Laura and my Mom and then I went to get some milk and bread (hey it is going to snow) then Greg came over and we watched nothing at all good on TV. He just left and I am getting ready to go to bed. Fingers crossed for snow!


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