I had a great weekend!

I had a great weekend! How about all of you (I say all of you but really mean like all three of you…LOL)! I wish I didn’t have to go to work in the AM.


On Friday night I just watched Harry Potter (The first one) and didn’t do much else.


Saturday was so nice. It was my Pop-Pop’s 70th birthday party.  I had a great time. There was a nice video of all kinds of pictures and pretty much my grandfathers life story. I had a lot of fun visiting my family. I really need to make a point to see them more then I do. Especially my grandmother. Then Greg and I went and bought cookie dough and eggnog and we came home and decorated my Christmas tree with Nikki and her boyfriend. It is the best tree in the world and most defiantly the prettiest. It is a white tree (fake of course) and it is decorated in Purple lights and white lights and Silver and purple balls. Also lots of glitter. I am a glitter nut! I will have pictures one day this week! Then the four of us watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I had never seen it and it was pretty funny.


Well, today I slept a lot. I made Greg and I breakfast and then we went to visit his Mom. It was a nice visit, not long enough though. Then We went to see the 2nd Harry Potter movie. It was good! This was the reason I watched the first one Friday! Then we stopped and got dinner and came home. Well, I hope everyone’s (again you three who are reading this) weekend was as good as mine! Good Night!


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