Again I am not dead.

Again I am not dead. I am sorry I have been slipping in making my post. I try I really do. I have just been a busy Bee! This weekend was My Grandfather’s Surprise Party and it was nice. I also now have the best looking tree in he world. I seen Harry Potter 2 and liked it. Monday I went with my mom to the craft store and bought stuff to make a Christmas swag. Tuesday I made the swag and my Parents came over to see after they went to the funeral home. Wednesday (I have a terrible time spelling this word right) I went shopping with my Dad for hours and hours and only bought some awesome thigh high panty hose with lace on them! We got Chinese food and went back to my house to eat. My sister came over. She said that my tree is the prettiest she has ever seen. So that is a little of what I have been up too.

I love my parents. I am so lucky to have them. I get all happy inside thinking about it. I am just so lucky to have parents who like me. I mean all parents love there kids, but mine really like me. I have fun with them. They are both nuts so that helps. Did I tell you all I am going to Mexico! My Daddy is taking Laura and I as a Christmas Gift. I will miss my Mom while I am gone for those 5 days, but it will be nice to just hang out with my Dad and Laura.

Tonight is the shows and I have to work on a bath product that I have to make for my swap. I had the coolest bath bombs done, but they all got gross. Hopefully it won’t be Icey tomorrow and I can mail my Basket away! Hopefully my recierver won’t be too mad I didn’t gt it out on time. I think the bombs got messed up from the moister. I hope we get our Christmas bonuses tomorrow. I am so broke it ain’t funny! I will have like $2 tomorrow after I get paid! I bounced a check (damn you AOL!) and I had to make a check by phone to my credit card company today to avoid a big old fee! I hope the check doesn’t go through until Saturday. Also I have one more check out there that I know will go in tonight and boom another 31 dollar charge. AOL screwed me big time this month and messed up my checkbook royally! Oh well! Hopefully it won’t be too bad! If I get my bonus tomorrow I will be set. I still have tons to buy. I hope I have enough money I want Christmas to be great this year! Well I have to go now. TA TA for Now!

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