OK OK it is Wednesday

OK OK it is Wednesday and I am just updating about my weekend. I had a good one. Saturday I cleaned my room (I need to clean the rest of the house today). I am home sick again. I just felt sick in the morning. I also was tired and I didn’t want to wait for hot water. I know they are all excuses, but oh well! I wanted to go to the mall and get a Christmas present for Nikki, but my funds are not available yet on my credit card. I paid the bill a freaking week ago!!!!! God it makes me mad. I would never had paid so much on my credit card if I knew I couldn’t access the available credit right away. I wish it was Christmas already! I have so much still to do, but I want it over. I invited my friends “The Guys” and their respective Girl Friends over Saturday, but I haven’t heard back from them. I am nervous about them meeting my boyfriend and vise versa. Sunday I went to Greg’s and met his brother who doesn’t live with them. He is a nut! I also helped put up their Christmas tree. We then looked at their family pictures.

I added a notify list, if any of you are reading this please sign up!!!!!

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