Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone had…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone had a great and safe New Year’s Eve. I did. I went to my Mom’s house and watched Primal Fear. It was very good! I made us munchies for dinner. We had these awesome cream cheese and Bacon filled crescent rolls. MMM were they good! I also made pigs in a blanket and quasidias.

I haven’t been around a few days because I haven’t felt like writing. I have had such a stress full week. I found out my Mom has a huge lump growing near her stomach next to the incision from her last operation. She has known about it for a few weeks and has been keeping it a secret. My sister and I had to persuade her to go see the doctor before next Thursday. She already had an appointment for January 9th and was just going to wait until then. Well, We flipped out because that is the day we leave for Mexico! So now she is going on Monday. I talked to the doctor who after talking to my Mom is almost certain that it is a hernia. That is such a relief!

Mexico……I leave in one week and one day! I cannot wait. 5 days of sun and fun! God I need it. I am going to miss my Mom. Laura and my Dad and I are going to have a good time though I know it!

I hope everyone has a great 2003!


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