Ok Ok …… Here is my trip update. We got to BW…

Ok Ok …… Here is my trip update. We got to BWI really early and I was so upset because I thought I had forgotten my make up bag. When I went through the metal detectors I had to be searched because I had something sharp in my Carry On. It was my scissors in my make up bag. I was so happy! When we got to the rink dink air port in Mexico they had to push stairs up to the plane so we could step down. I was so excited I made my dad go down first so he could take my picture like I was a famous person or the president. LOL Then we waited in the immigration line for ever. We got our bags and Laura’s was ripped. You would think that airport employees would be more careful. We then found out way to the Apple tour bus that was taking us to our hotel. Our Hotel was the last on the stop and it gave us a nice tour of the town. I loved our hotel. It was so pretty. It was six buildings of 66 rooms each facing each other two by two with a long walkway in-between. At the top of the walk way was the lobby and one of the dinning rooms. The one where we had Breakfast and the option to have dinner at. At the other end of the walk way was the Theatre and the other two restaurants. The lunch restaurant split at night into a sea food restaurant and a steak house. The steak house was better then the sea food. Our first day there we went to the beach and it was great we were still in jeans and just hung around and watched people. We seen this one old couple who changed their clothes on the beach every day and let me tell you old man ding dongs are not pretty. I also seen a few topless women. Why is it the ones who were topless shouldn’t have been and the men in speedos….ewe! We went to the pool It was so nice. That night we went to Dinner at the Buffet and it wasn’t great. We went to the Shopping center a crossed the street. I was tired and I skipped the entertainment show and went up to bed. Laura and my dad went to the show. The next day was lots of swimming. We went to the pool bar and all three of us were drunk by noon! It was a good time. I loved the pool and made sure I got up early (by 7) every day to get to the pool. We traveled into town a few time it was only a $40.00 Paso cab ride away. I hated the town. It was full of shop owners out side yelling at you to visit their shops. We went to the Sea food restaurant and the Steak house both one night. Non of us loved the Sea food. Laura ordered the fish and got a whole fish with a head and tail. We laughed so hard.  When we left the airport in Mexico it was 82 degrees and when we returned in Baltimore it was 22. Talk about a weather shock. We stayed at the Riu Playacar in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and I suggest that anyone looking for an all inclusive trip to check it out. We booked through Apple Vacations and it was a great smooth trip!

Pictures will follow!!!


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