I just got back from lunch with Greg. It was so n…

I just got back from lunch with Greg. It was so nice. We had a great lunch from TGI Fridays. We also listened to the pre game stuff on the radio and made a store list for the things we need for this weekend.

. Monday�s suck. This Morning on the way t…


Monday�s suck. This Morning on the way to work there was a big backup on the beltway, because a truck full of trees overturned. Talk about a mess. Today is good though. Greg is off of work, because it is Opening Day for the Baltimore Orioles and we were going to go to the game, but I got this new job so we didn�t get tickets. He is still off though and he is going to bring me a picnik lunch to work. I can�t wait to see what I get.

Tomorrow Rachel and I are going to take a class at Joann Fabrics to learn how to cut. LOL We need to know how to cut before we can take our Quilt In A Day Class. I can�t wait. I have never sewed anything before, so this should be interesting.

My Mom had a pretty rough weekend. She was in bed all day Saturday. Yesterday I made her breakfast and she came downstairs. I wish the weather would improve, because she loves being outside and the more she is outside the better she feels. I laid in bed and talked to her for 3 hours last night, just me and her. I am going to miss those close times. I am trying to suck up as many as I can now!

I hope your Monday is good!

GO O�S!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing this on Rachel’s site I thought I wou…

After seeing this on Rachel’s site I thought I would try it!

Googlism for: lisa

lisa is adyktive; lisa is on; lisa is framed; lisa is black; lisa is a 76 year old lady who lives alone; lisa is forever smiling; lisa is a ny yankees fan(WHATEVER); lisa is a race car driver; lisa is set to go wild in zambia; lisa is crowned; lisa is cool; lisa is absolutely correct; lisa is waiting for; lisa is webminded; lisa is king of the world; lisa is true; lisa is sitting pretty enough; lisa is bottoms up; lisa is cool have you seen lisa’s journal? i like it an awful lot and i’m sure you will; lisa is a production; lisa is hot; lisa is kept in the warden’s office; lisa is dead;

lisa is a dive; lisa is editor; lisa is an eight year old female in the third grade; lisa is originally from toronto; lisa is fully functional; lisa is more confident on the mat; lisa is home; lisa is the voice behind some of the 1980s’ most memorable songs; lisa is the best; lisa is a spunky; lisa is the child of a jewish mother and a black father; lisa is the short one; lisa is going to heaven

WOW who knew I was all that! I have to remove the sexual explicit ones.

. It’s Saturday! I love weekends. Last ni…


It’s Saturday! I love weekends. Last night I got my hair cut! It is so short, like almost to my shoulders. I am still getting used to it. My hair stylest is so awsome. I was there for 4 hours, from 6-10 and we never ran out of things to talk about.

Today Greg and I are going to Easton to pick up my cousin who returns back to school this week. It is a long drive, like 1.5 hours, but it will be good to be on the road and away from everything. I hope he gets here soon.

Tonight we will hang out at my mom’s for a while then we have flowers to pot and flower pots to paint. I also want to stop at home depot or franks to get a new large shallow pot for my aloe plant.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

New Recipe up at mmm…mmm…good!

New Recipe up at mmm…mmm…good!

. I am so glad it is Friday and it is also be…


I am so glad it is Friday and it is also beauty shop day. I love someone else washing my hair and cutting it. Speaking of cutting I cut my hand this morning while slicing a bagel. WOW that hurt! Then I burned the aforementioned bagel! LOL Last night all of the Must See TV shows were ones I have already seen. I did however catch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge that I had missed on Monday. SO that was a plus. Maryland plays tonight and are favored to win! Then we will move on to the elite eight!

I want to let you guys know what is going on in my life, so for now I will be sending my very personal updates to the notify list, so if you want to know sign up down below! I hope your Friday flys by!

I just heard something very interesting on the rad…

I just heard something very interesting on the radio…..Christina Aqularia (sp?) and Justin Timberlake are touring together and will be at the MCI Center in August. Wow I bet Britany is awfully mad!