Sleepy�Sleepy�Sleepy! I am so tired. I was at wo…

Sleepy�Sleepy�Sleepy! I am so tired. I was at work this morning an hour early. I stayed 2 hours over last night. I am not liking all this. Last night when I left work I went to my Mom�s and my sister went to a firehouse meeting and my Aunt went to dinner with my uncle and it was just my mom and me there. I loved it. We laid in her bed and just talked and watched American Idol. We had a nice time. She liked it just being us too.

Today is Greg�s Birthday. Happy Birthday! He is a quarter of a century old. 25!!!!! He is turning into an old man. LOL I have no room to talk. I will be 25 in one month. I am going to be so old. I hated turning 24, I know I will really hate turning 25! I remember last year my mom and I went and got Steamed Crabs. We ended up getting them down in the city and I was scared walking around the shady area known as Crab Alley. LOL

I don�t know what Greg and I are doing tonight. I want to watch the shows on NBC, Must See TV!

Oh I almost forgot. Last night I heard on the news a story about a little boy who was getting his tonsils out and his throat caught on fire for no reason. I couldn�t believe it! Thank God Shanny pulled through her Tonsil Surgery with no fires!


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