Today officially has became the saddest day of my life. My mom passed away at 10:20 this morning while laying in her bed with my sister father and me all holding her! I will be gone for a while but I will be back. Thank you all for keeping her and my family in your thoughts and prayers!

I just typed all of this and lot it! UGH. The Ra…

I just typed all of this and lot it! UGH. The Rain is horrible! It is pouring down in sheets. On the Beltway this morning I could hardly see. I wish I was at home. I am starting to not like work. I am sure it is probably due to the fact I want to be home with my mom and not here, but another part is because I feel like I am getting the short end of the stick. I don�t want to go into it all here though.

Yesterday I went to my mom�s. I get so sad when I am there. She is so sick. She can�t hear much of anything. Plus her mind is slipping or something. I know it is because of the tumors. Yesterday she was having massive leg cramps. I sat for hours and massaged them with the Shea Butter I made her for Mother�s Day. Everyone keeps saying it is hard, but it is just going to get harder. I don�t know how that is possible.

When I left my mom�s house I went home. I had lots of surprises. First I got a Birthday card from Shannon. Thank you so much! I also got a Swell swap box from Christy. Actually it was a Swell themed box. I got a great Swell City tote, which will be perfect of overnight trips. I also got a Swell Luggage tag that is going right on my suitcase. I got a Swell imposter make up bag from Bath and Body works filled with Burt Bees travel sized products. I love Burt Bees! I also got great pencils with lip gloss on top. How convenient! Last but not least I got an awesome Mosaic jar that Christy made! Thank you so much Christy I loved it all. Thank you Rachel for another great swap. Another surprise I got when I got home was that I had gone to sleep Wednesday night with a candle lit. I didn�t realize it was lit, I left for work Thursday with it lit and when I got home at 9:00 last night it was still burning strong. I am so glad I didn�t burn down the Apartment. On a lighter note Christina makes some long lasting candles doesn�t she? LOL Was anyone else disappointed with the NBC shows last night? I was. I even fell asleep during ER. I did get hope for Carter and Abby in the last scene.

I am so PISSED OFF right now! I know it is silly …

I am so PISSED OFF right now! I know it is silly for me to be so upset over a show but tonight’s TV has sucked! First Kimberly got the boot on American Idol. THEN the kicker! I can’t believe Dawson’s Creek. I spent the whole two hours crying about Jenn dying and then the end!!!! Dawson and Joey did not end up together. SHe is with Pacey! I am so mad. She should be with Dawson. Her and Pacey didn’t have the love she shared with Dawson. I am sooo mad! I don’t even want the complete set on DVD any more. This is like if David and Donna or Kelly and Zack or Cory and Tapanga or Rachel and Ross (ok ok I know I may end up mad about this one too) didn’t end up together! All my faith in True Love is gone! Writers Suck! Thank god I still have my real life true love….He just walked in with some dinner for me…..Catch you all later!

Wednesday�..It is so long. I wish it was Friday…

Wednesday�..It is so long. I wish it was Friday. This weekend Greg and I are going to the Air Show and we are going out to celebrate my Birthday. I want to know what he is getting me. He said I have to go pick it out??? He won�t tell me where from though! UGH! I love my Birthday.

I hope my swap partner gets her box today! I also hope she likes it. I put a lot of thought into it. I had a horrible time at the post office when mailed it. I hate the USPS sometimes. They never have the right size boxes. I had to buy a box to mail it.

American Idol was good last night. I hope Rueben and Kimberly advance to the final two. I like clay last night, but I don�t think he has what it takes to be the American Idol. Kimberly did really good last night. I love this show and I am going to miss it once it is over.

Tonight I am going to my mom�s. She has been so weak. Last night I was walking her to bathroom she fell and I had a horrible time getting her up. I was crying and I was so upset. Her legs are so weak. She can�t stand on them at all. She has exercises the nurse suggested to make them stronger. I hope they work! Well I better get back to work. Talk to you soon!

Happy Birthday, Laura! Today is my little sis…

Happy Birthday, Laura! Today is my little sister�s 22nd Birthday. I can�t believe she is so old. I loved being 22, it was the best age. When you are 22 you are not looked upon as a dumb 21 year old, but are not old yet. I have to stop after work to pick up Laura�s gift since it wasn�t in yesterday. I hope she likes it. I also have to stop home before I go over to my mom�s house because I forgot her card.

My Mother enjoyed her Mother�s day gifts. I bought her a new pair of sheets and a big bottle of Body Drench lotion, I also made her a jar of Whipped Shea Butter in the scent of Vanilla Sugar. It smells wonderful! I have like 5 of them at home left from the batch.

Saturday night we had quite a scare. I was at my mom�s all day Saturday and then I left to go home around 10ish. I got a call around midnight from Laura that my Mom�s Catheter was clogged and I got dressed and headed over to my Mom�s. We called the Hospice people and the nurse came over around 3:30 to change the Catheter. When she drained it, it relieved tons of pressure; my mom was in some serious pain! She immediately drains about 2000cc�s of urine. When we go to the bathroom a normal amount is 250cc�s. So you can imagine her pain. I am still sleepy from Saturday night!

I knew I wasn’t a grown up yet! This article says…

I knew I wasn’t a grown up yet! This article says you are not a gorwn up until age 26. One more year for me!

. Boy I am tired. I had to wake up an hour a…


Boy I am tired. I had to wake up an hour and a half early this morning because I had a dentist appointment this morning at 7:30. Merle is my dental hygienist and she is great. She told me that I am brushing good. I didn�t have any cavities and I have an appointment in four months. YEAH! LOL I really like going to the dentist. I love the way my mouth feels afterwards. Did anyone watch ER last night? It was kinda hard to follow. I love the how though. Next week doesn�t look all that great. I am sad Abby and Carter are having some problems. I love them together. I am also SO glad Dr. Pratt decided to stay. Today I hope work goes by fast so I can get home to see my mom. Last night she finally woke up after 2 days of sleeping and me and Laura and her sat around and talked a while. Then I went home around 10. Laura said she was up until 1 am! Poor Laura. The nurse comes today. After me and Laura playing doctor last night we think that she may have had a stroke. It was always a possibility with the brain tumors. Her speech is really bad. I am so stressed by this. Hopefully we will have a good weekend.