Ok So now I will write this entry for the 4th time…

Ok So now I will write this entry for the 4th time! UGH! Today is National Blonde Day! Thanks for the info Shannon. Being a blonde myself (just a bit is highlights) I think it is cool. Blonde’s are not dumb, like people think and I think it is cool to let people know that. I am pretty darn smart if I do say so myself. Last week Greg and I seen that Red, White & Blonde was opening on a Monday and we both found that odd! Now I gues sthe mystery is solved. I can’t wait to see it. I love movies where the main charater is not only a girl, but a smart one!

Weekends are just not long enough. Mine was prett…

Weekends are just not long enough. Mine was pretty good. Friday evening I just kinda stayed in and cleaned and did a facial. Saturday I woke up at 7 to catch a little 90210, and then I went to the Post office. It was a mad house in there. I picked up 4 packages. Then I went and picked up Greg. We went to the Diamond Shop, but they were closed, we had missed them by a few minutes. So we went to lunch at TGIFridays. I love going there. We sat in the same table that I sat in last year on Mother’s day. It made me a little sad. Then we left there and got some Lemonade Coollattas at Dunkin Donuts. We drove a round and looked at houses for a little while, just checking out stuff we like. Then we went to the Grave yard and visited my Mom. All the grass has grown in now. It is so hard to go there, but I do almost everyday. Then I drove Greg around and showed him all the really old graves. Loudon Park has been around since the early 1800’s, so there is a whole section full of really reallyold graves. We went by and seen my Grandmother’s Graves and my Grandfather’s. My whole family is in this Cemetery. It was such a pretty day on Saturday. Saturday evening we babysat. It was nice. The kids were good. We didn’t get home until like 2 am. Then on Sunday we slept in and I had to take Greg home. Then I stopped by my Mom’s and picked up my Curio Cabinet that she had given me for Christmas. I went home and spent two hours putting that together. It looks really nice. I wish my Mom could have gotten a chance to come and see my house. I wish she was here so bad. With the weather getting nice I know she would have the yard looking great and she would have been tan. I hope it get easier soon!

6 hours and counting……until the weekend starts…

6 hours and counting……until the weekend starts! I can’t wait. You would think I had a vacation planned or something, but no, just a weekend of swimming and shopping and cleaning. I didn’t go to the pool yesterday, after sitting in traffice for over an hour I just wanted to go home. I did make Greg and I some tasy dinner. We had Hamburgers, Macaroni salad, and corn on the cob. Yum. The macaroni salad turned out great! Usually I am not a good Macaroni salad maker. Nikki was always the maker, cause mine turned out BAD. Not last night though. MMMM. It was good. I slept crappy last night. I kept having dreams. I had one where my mom and my Grandmother were there and my mom told me she was with my Grandmom and that she was ok. Then I talked to her about seeing famous people and all in heaven. She hugged me alot. It was so real. I dream about her alot, but usually she is still alive int he dreams and we are just doing things. This on was differant. Then Greg had to be to work early which ment I had to get up early to make his lunch. Well I didn’t have to, but I like making him a lunch!

I just heard on the radio that 1 out of 5 people in Baltimore are HIV possitive. How shocking. I don’t know anyone personally with HIV.

I wish it was Friday! I am ready for a weekend. …

I wish it was Friday! I am ready for a weekend. I don’t have any big plans for this weekend, but I can’t wait nevertheless. I made Greg and I appointments to get our hair highlighted and cut. It isn’t until July. I need my ends cut so bad. With all of the swimming my hair is suffering. I think I might do a deep conditioning tonight. Greg has never had highlights so we will see how they turn out.

We found out that some of our insurance money is coming this week. I will feel good knowing that all of these funeral bills will be paid. It is so expensive to die. I had no idea.

Congratulations to Rachel & Brian. I am so happy for them. Teachers, who knew that was in their future, I am sure they will both be great.

Home Sweet Home!

I love hot dogs. The best kind (besides the ones at Oriole Park) are by Oscar Mayer. They are called XXL. They are so good! I cooked some up on the George Forman Grill last night. Greg and I love them. We also watched the Disney Wedding video. Greg told me if he wins the lottery then I can have that wedding. It was great! I loved every part of it. Here are the pictures of my new apartment. Click on this link to see them. Let me know what you think!


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Thanks Sara!


Does anyone know of a good free photo hosting site. I need one. I have pictures of my new apartment that I want to show you all!