HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tonight I am going to my friend …

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tonight I am going to my friend Sherri’s. It is her little girls Birthday and she is having a sleep over. I am taking my Strawberry Shortcake Pj’s. It should be fun. I love Sherri’s little witches. Tabitha and Sabrina. Tabitha’s Birthday is today and Sabrina’s is next Saturday. This Sunday Greg and I are taking them to see Disney on Ice. It is Monsters, Inc. I am so excited!

Yesterday my Job interview went well. They are only offering $12.00 an hour. I can’t live on that, so I am still searching. They seemed nice though.

Wednesday I had my phone interview with unemployment. I told them why my boss let me go then the lady called him and he totally lied to this women and said I had been reprimanded for my work many times (UM NO!!!!!) and that the day he fired me he had come into my office and I was downloading music off of the internet (WHATEVER!!!!) I have never ever downloaded music off of the internet at work. He completely made crap up! I was so mad I was crying. I couldn’t even write about it at the time.

Tomorrow my Mom’s church is having a mass for all those people who have died this past year. I will light a candle that has mom’s name on it and they will say something about her. It should be nice. I think when I get married I am going to use this same candle as the dedication candle, to pay tribute to her at the wedding.

Last night before Nikki came over for our weekly NBC shows (Friends and ER were so great!) and dinner, I listed like 30 things on eBay. They are mostly clothes that are too big, too small or too ugly and I was going to take to the consignment shop, but the Consignment shop isn’t taking any more ladies clothes this season. Shannon gave me the idea to list things on eBay to make some Money. Hopefully I will make a bundle! Check out my auctions here.

Well today I have to go to the gym, help my sister pack, and get gift bags and card for my party tonight. I also may whip up a batch of Rice Krispy Treats. Off to shower now…Bye!

Today I spent the afternoon with my friend An and …

Today I spent the afternoon with my friend An and her baby Carley. I took her this little Pumpkin hat knitted by Amy. Go check out her other hats, too cute.

Ain’t she adorable!

Here are two pictures in my new glasses. Very Librarian! I love them. Laura hates them. LOL I picked them up last Friday and can see so well! My vision is still good with out them, so I only wear them while on the computer!

A smiling one:

A serious one:

Tomorrow I have my phone interview with the people from unemployment. I have another Job interview on Thursday. I hope it all goes well. I talked to the lady who is opening her own business up and things sound promising. I just have to wait it out. I will still go on interviews and all in case the perfect job is hiding out there. I have decided that no matter what I am going on my vacation. Even if it means not getting a job until after my vacation in January. It will be tough to wait that long, but I really want to go. Planning this vacation is one of the only things helping me get through these last 6 horrible months and I am going “come hell or high water” (as my mom used to say). Well I am off to my friends for a sleep over…..Talk to you all soon!

I just got home from running all kinds of errands …

I just got home from running all kinds of errands and what do I find on my porch…….a great package from Shannon! It was packed full of great stuff! Halloween Candels and a Halloween rubber ducky in a halloween chinese food box and some witch soap! She also sent me all of her old lipsticks, since she decided to give them up! There are some great colors in here! Thank you so much SHANNON!

Well I got the first job I interviewed for yesterd…

Well I got the first job I interviewed for yesterday, but I turned it down. Once I got to the office I seen that the job was working under a notorious lawyer that is known in the title industry as horrible. I was supposed to go back yesterday evening, to discuss salary and start date and all, but I called and told them I had got the second job I interviewed for and was no longer in need of a job. I just couldn’t work for this man. SO then my second interview went well, but the guy said they were looking for someone with less experience (i.e. Cheaper), then I was kinda bummed but on the way home I got a call from a lady who was opening her own brand new title company and needs a processor! She was so nice and we talked for about 20 minutes. Jennifer at Affinity Mortgage had given her my Cell number. I used to work hand in hand with Jennifer at my last title company and we had become friendly. The title company wouldn’t be opening until December, but it sounds great. She is supposed to call me in the next day or two to set up a meeting. It is a little farther to drive, but to get in on the ground floor would be well worth it. The only thing is she needed someone who could do what I am experienced in doing and someone to do the next step, which I have never done. I told her if I have until December I can learn it. I asked Nikki if it would be possible for her to get her boss to teach me and I could go to work with her a few days a week and learn it, while giving her boss free help! I really hope this works out!

I already have two Job interviews. The first one …

I already have two Job interviews. The first one is tomorrow. I am kinda nervous. It is one Block over from my old job! That would be weird. Do you guys think that I should mention that I need a week off in January up front?

I am such a mess! How can someone be fired when t…

I am such a mess! How can someone be fired when they have never been repremanded for anything!

Greg and I are heading to Ocean City for the weekend. Hopefully I will be able to take my mind off of this and have a good time!

I am in complete shock! I got fired today. The b…

I am in complete shock! I got fired today. The boss took me in his office and let me go. I think it is because they found someone cheaper. I am so upset! I have posted my resume and I am waiting to hear from someone that I sent my resume out to. Our work load has decreased and I think that they hired someone for less then they were paying me. He gave me the bullshit excuse that I don’t answer phones enough when the receptionist is out. That is just crap! I answer all the time. Then he told me I get too many personal calls, which is also bull shit. I get 2 or 3 at most a day! I have co-workers who will sit for hours and gab no stop. I am not one of these people. Then he said he feels I am just not doing enough, that there are files sitting there that were there yesterday. Granted there are, but my co-worker has been out for two days I was doing files that clients were calling for and making sure things that were needed asap were done. This boss is the one who I believe has never liked me. He was unfair and not very nice when my mom passed away. I just never thought that this could happen. I asked him why I wasn’t told they were unhappy with my work and he had nothing to say. I asked him why if he didn’t like something I was or wasn’t doing why wasn’t I told and asked to fix it instead of just firering me. He had nothing to say. Therefore I do believe that is wasn’t as much my work as it was the amount they were paying me.