The baby is SOOOO cute

The baby is SOOOO cute. I held her the entire time we were there. It was really nice to see Mitch and An. Carley was such a doll! She had great skin and smelled soo good.

I took them Crab Cakes and Mitch was all upset. He said “I thought you were going to cook us dinner, Lisa is a Great cook and remeber all the great dinners you cooked, Lisa, Man I really thought you were cooking”….I was like “Mitch I worked all day, sorry”. LOL It was too funny. He really wanted me to cook. An was perfectly happy with the Crab cake. I really could have ate one too!

There are a few more if you wanna check them out here!

After we left there we went to Toys R US and got the Lion King on DVD, and for $5 more we picked up the Little Mermaid Two. All of the good movies were picked over, but I wasn’t passing up a $5 DVD. I also reserved Finding Nemo!


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