After the mix up on the Sale and The White Barn Ca…

After the mix up on the Sale and The White Barn Candle Company I called the Bath and Body Works 800 number and told them how the sale differed from the email I had received and they are going to send me a $30.oo Gift certificate! How great it that? More shopping at BBW now!

Today An and I took Carley to get her first Christmas pictures taken and we also shopped two malls. We shopped from 12-5:30ish. Boy are my legs tired from all the walking. I got my Dad a new saw with the laser beam (everytime I say that I feel like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers)for straight cutting. I am done Christmas shopping for my Dad.  I am almost done my sister and Nikki. I am so excited about Christmas this year. I will miss my mom so much, but she loved Christmas and I am going to have a good one cause I know she would want me to! I also got a black skirt with two slits up the sides and a shiny red shirt for a Christmas party and formal night on my cruise. I added a new recipe to the recipe blog…Check it out!


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