I have something that has been on my mind for a month or so now. I haven’t shared it with anyone until today. I think after my vacation I am going to move into my Mom’s house. I am about 95% sure of this. My mom loved her house so much and took such pride in it. I don’t want to lose it yet. My Dad said as long as I upkeep the bills I can live there as long as I want. Now my Mom’s house is beautiful inside and has a great yard .50 acres, but in a steadily decreasing area. The neighborhood is going to hell. My Mom’s street is nice and pretty much crime free and all, but my sister is worried about the neighborhood. My mom’s house also needs mucho work done to it, but I will do a bit here and there and just enjoy being in her house! I think it would make her happy. There are some rooms like her bedroom and the formal living room that I would leave as is, and some I would make mine, like the family room and the bathroom. I would love to have a “Home” again and even if I only stay a few years until I buy a house it would be comforting. What do you guys think about it? DO you think it would be a good idea?


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