I have been so behind in posting

I have been so behind in posting! I was sick all of last week, then sunday I went to a Christmas Party for work and it was horrible! I got sick and spent all night (after the 1.5 hour bus ride to Leesbyrg, VA) on a bench near the bathroom! How fun! I feel better today though. I finially got all of my christmas decorations from Nikki’s house and I am putting up the tree.

Nikki brought up an interesting thing today while I was at her house…..All of the Christmas presents she has bought are from her and her Boyfriend, Jason. I on the otherhand have bought gifts for people and then my boyfriend has bought gifts for people (parents, siblings, etc.). Like the things I bought Nikki are from me, and then my boyfriend got a little gift for her and Jason together and I bought Jason a gift from just me. Nikki was kinda shocked that we weren’t giving gifts together, but I feel like Nikki is my friend and some of the things I bought are just from me. I figure I went and bought them with my money and I picked them out, so why should they be from both of us. I bought Jason a gift that is just from me, I like Jason and consider him a friend so I wanted to buy him a Christmas gift, but it isn’t the many gifts I got Nikki. My boyfriend only knows Nikki and Jason as a couple so he got them a couple gift. Anyways the point of this long story is……Should we have just went together and bought gifts for everyone and had them be from both of us? I don’t know it kinda seems like weird, like my gifts to my dad and Laura and special friends are just from me, but some gifts like for Jodi’s kids I will make from both of us. When do you start making gifts just from both of you and say we go together and buy a gift for someone (say Mike), and Mike buys each one of us a gift, Mike then has spent twice as much money, so do we in turn spend the same amount of money on Mike as we would have if we were each going to give him a gift, like spend double on his since it is from two people and he is giving two gifts? Just questions I have been wondering about?


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