Good Morning……Boy am I tired. I was up until …

Good Morning……Boy am I tired. I was up until 3 am! Last night I went to see the Symphony of Lights. They were very pretty.

After that I went to dinner at Famous Dave’s Barbecue. It was so good!  When I got home the police officer who is in charge of weekend security in my Apartment complex stopped me, he is a friend of mine from grade school, he came up and seen my tree and we talked for about a half hour. After that I stayed up til 1:00 to catch House Rules, it was replaying on TBS. I found this show about mid season and fell in love with it. We are both pretty mad about the team that won. They were good, but got on my nerves. I was voting for the young couple Adam & Katie, They were both 23 and newlyweds. They also started out the worst team and learned so much and finished so well.

 It is so weird how my mind works, I was singing “You are My Sunshine“, just fooling around, and all of a sudden I started crying.  As I was singing my mind was thinking about other things and all of a sudden all I could think about was last Christmas, well right before Christmas my Mom and Laura all went out to eat after Christmas shopping. My Mom and Laura had been to Kohl’s and called me to meet up with them at my Mom’s favorite restaurant. Well after thinking about it I realized it was the Friday before Christmas, exactly one year ago. All I could do was cry. I miss my Mom so much and just thinking about that and realizing I will never be able to do that, never see her, never share any Christmas memories again. I just couldn’t take it and I couldn’t even talk I was so choked up. Last Christmas was really that last time my Mom felt good, the last time she was driving to friends houses and going out and all. She made last Christmas so special for me. I miss her everyday, but now with Christmas so close I miss her more, I miss how much she loved the Holiday how she decorated, how she bought like crazy (last year we each had 45 presents), how she loved watching us open each gift. She made every Christmas so special, I don’t really know how I am going to do this with out her. I have really been trying though, I want it to be special and fun; but I also want it to be over!


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