Well I made it through Christmas! It was kinda hard, but we did ok. Laura and I only had one major breakdown. I got lots of cool goodies. I got a Disney Princess phone that rings with the sound of different Disney songs. Right now it is ringing to Bibbity, Boppity, Boo! My sister gave me Cranium among many other things and we played Christmas night. It was so much fun! Talk about a great time. I also got some Christmas ornaments, a piece of crystal that is etched with a laser, two sets of crystal candle stick holders, shoes, a Pedometer (to track the miles walked in Disney world), a Grill Pan, a wind chime, a purple vacuum, PeterPan on DVD, the new Britany Spears CD, Perfume, a Cinderella Christmas ornament, a Carebear, 3 home improvement books made by “Trading Spaces”, Friends season 4 on DVD, and some other things that I can’t remember.

I leave in 3 days for our trip!!!!! I can not wait. I am so excited. I still have mound of clothes to wash and pack.  I have to get a shower and go to the bank right now, because someone did a check by phone to a company in the amount of $299 and it came from my account. I never authorized it. It has my address on it and my phone number, but my real checks have my Dad’s info on them. I am confused and hopefully the bank will give me back my $$$. This happened back in November and I just found it on Saturday. I really need to keep better tabs on my Check Book. I need to write more down! Well I am off to fight with the Bank. I hope you all had a great holiday!


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