Almost Died

Friday night I went to dinner and came home to watch some TV. At 2:00am the carbon monoxide detector went off. Now it didn’t alarm me because I just thought it was broken. On Tuesday night it went off once and I replaced the batteries and it was fine, on Thursday night it went off and I hit the reset button and it never went off again, so I just thought the piece of shit was broken. So Friday night it went off and I reset it and I got up to call 911. I researched it on the internet and since I didn’t have any flu like symtoms and I reset it and it didn’t go off again, I thought it was fine. I got back into bed and the damn thing went off again. This time we couldn’t get it to stop, so I called 911 and I put away the dishes (I couldn’t let the firemen see a messy house). The firemen came and told us that with the detector up so high that by the time the carbon dioxide reached that high we would be dead. Carbon dioxide is heavier then oxygen and it stays near the ground. So they didn’t think anything was really wrong. They decided to check anyway and when the did the levels in my apartment were over 100, and anything over 35 is bad! They checked the neighbors and found the whole building was full of it. They evacuated the building and told us if we would not have called then there was a good chance everyone would have been dead by morning. After some research the firemen found a pipe from the apartment below me that goes up through my utility closet out on the balcony was broken. The apartment complex had duct taped the pipe and the duct tape had come loose. All of the exhaust from the apartment below was coming right into my apartment. That is why my levels were the highest. They called the red cross for emergency shelter. I ended up just going to my Dad’s house at like 4:00am! I am so glad I called 911!


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