Feel Better

God I hope I feel better soon. Tomorrow night I am going to Ocean City for the weekend! I am excited. I love going to the beach. Sunday we are coming home early and I am going to VA to visit Shannon. She is making her quarterly trip to Ikea. I can’t wait to see her, and to meet her Momma. 🙂 I am at work today, but wish I was home in bed. I do feel 10X better then I did so that is a start! I am getting obsessed with this wedding. I think about it Morning, Noon and Night. Greg’s Mom has offered to pay for the rehearsal dinner. I am glad, one less expense out of my pocket! I love how much my Dad is interested in this. He has been with us to the DJ, reception place and Cake place. I am lucky I have such a great Dad. Speaking of Great Dad’s….He is taking my sister to Las Vegas for Spring Break. I was invited, but with the new job and all I couldn’t take off. I wish I could have, I loved Las Vegas.


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