I just found out that my office is moving to a much bigger building and we will have a bigger office. I am excited because I will most likely have my own office. It will be so cool to decorate it and have my own space. I am really enjoying my new job. The people are great and the work is all work I am used to anyway. We have a new computer system that I am excited to learn. Hopefully I will have it down soon.

Today is Friday the 13th. I hope they have some of the Friday the 13th movies on tonight. They are so fun and campy. We are going to Ocean City tonight. I can’t wait. I really wanted to go and get some sheets with hearts on them to take with us, but ran out of time. I am hoping to leave work early and maybe then I can. Anyway back to Friday the 13th, My mom turned 13 on a Friday the 13th. I would have had a creepy Halloween type party if I turned 13 on the 13th!


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