What a hellish few days!

What a hellish few days.

I found skin cancer on my Dad’s arm on Thursday, that is where my week went downhill. I know it is skin cancer. It is like 5 scabs that keep coming back. I am so upset. He won’t go tot he doctor. He is scared. He said that he thinks it has spread cause he has weird pains in his head and lower arms. I am a wreck! He said he won’t go to the doctor until he gets me settled in my Mom’s house and Laura’s room finished at his house. He is so stubborn, you can’t make him do anything. I was up all Thursday night crying. I just can’t do this again. I can’t! I can’t lose someone else I love so much.

Friday at work I was accused of not being a team player. I am pissed at them for cutting my hours, and have a lot going on. Fire me if I am not chipper enough, damn it!

I got a letter from Unemployment saying they paid me for my last week by mistake and I had to return the $310.00. I have already spent it so now I have to dip further into my low low savings account.

Saturday I went to the market with Nikki, but I didn’t buy any flowers since I am inbetween homes. Then we went to my Mom’s and I cut her hair. I took about 3 inches off. Saturday night I babysat for Jodi’s kids. I love them.

Today I moved my entire Kitchen. I am so tired. I did get it all unpacked and all. I have 13 boxes and two coolers from the kitchen!

This week I have to finish packing everything I own. I hope I can get it all done. I also want to buy a new entertainment stand. I think Laura and I may be heading to IKEA!


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