Three Children in Baltimore Dead This makes me …

Three Children in Baltimore Dead

This makes me so sad! I feel awful for those children and thier families. I hope the bastards who commited this crime are punished. I wish they could be punished in the same way these poor children had to suffer.

Ramble We are getting off of work today at 2:00…


We are getting off of work today at 2:00pm. It will be so nice to have a day off on Monday. I will most likely be hanging out with my friend Sherri. Saturday my friend Crystal is coming over. I haven’t seen her since last summer. She used to live with Nikki and I and I went to High School with her. We were really good friends, but we have lost touch. I hope we can reconnect and be close again. She is going to have a baby in October. I cant wait to see her. Sherri and I are going to start Man hunting. She is single too and has tried her hand at internet dating with no luck. I am not sure I want to date again, but I am sick of being alone. I don’t know if I will ever be able to love anyone again. I don’t know if I want to even. But Sherri wants company in her search for love and has recruited me. Does anyone know any good places (realistically now) to meet single guys?

WEEKEND I had a horrible day last yesterday. I…


I had a horrible day last yesterday. I screwed up at work big time. I made like 2 or 3 $$$$ mistakes. I felt sick the rest of the day. Then I drove home and couldn’t get home fast enough. I was all tense and sore from worrying. One bright spot in my day was the GREAT package from Shannon that was waiting on my kitchen table for me! It was filled to the top with great things like homemade jewelry, bath items, cards, post its, a great hangy thing for out side. Just wonderful stuff! Thank you so much girlie! Then I decided to wash my bed linens and watch American Idol. I wanted Diana to win, I like her voice better, and Fantasia’s voice is to Macy Gray for me. But you couldn’t help being happy for her when you seen how excited she was. Then I went to sleep!

This weekend I want to plant some flowers and clean my house. I am having an old friend over for dinner on Saturday and to chat like we used to. I have a Birthday party on Sunday and a Day to do NOTHING on Monday. I wish I was going away, but I will still enjoy just being off.

Yesterday my Dad called me and told me my refund check ($250) had come in from the retreat Greg and I were to go to before we got married. I am so happy the priest sent in my letter so the retreat place would give me a refund! I lost so much wedding money it isn’t funny! I still can’t get anything back from the florist and she has $600!

IDOL Why isn’t it Friday yet? I wish this week…


Why isn’t it Friday yet? I wish this week were over. I am so so tired. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Last night I was in bed by 9:00. I watched American Idol then went to sleep. I hope Diana wins. I just don’t like Fantasia’s voice. It is squeaky or something. I also don’t like that style of signing. She sounds very Eryka Badu and I hate her. It is Whiney or something. I voted for Dianna for a long time, until I fell asleep. I hope that America proves Simon wrong!

WEEKEND OVER Usually I am sad when weekends com…


Usually I am sad when weekends come to an end,but this weekend couldn’t have been over and done with fast enough. Saturday I did stuff I needed done, I also got Birthday Gifts from Rachel and Lisanne. Great Bath and Body Stuff from Lisanne and a cool assortment from Rachel from Food to Bath poofs.

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the day my Mom died. I was sad, but not really any sadder then I am everyday. I miss her every single day so Sunday wasn’t too different. I did spend the day with Laura and my Dad. We had a nice day. We went to breakfast on the Bay and then Laura who shares my love of shopping while sad drug my Dad to a bunch of stores. Then we went to the graveyard and visited my mom and took flowers. After we tired ourselves out shopping and all we went to my house and watched a movie “Out of Time” and had dinner. All in all I was glad that we spent the time together and I think it helped us all get through a tough day!

What Color is Your Brain? brought to you by Quizi…

BIRTHDAY GOODIES I had a good Birthday. Wanna …


I had a good Birthday. Wanna hear the story on my family surprising me? If not click the close button up in the top right corner.

I started calling my Dad around 3 to find out what we were going to do, he wouldn’t answer his phone or return the pages. I called Laura and she said she hadn’t heard from him! I was mad. I wanted to know what was going on. I called Nikki and told her what a jerk he was and that Laura and I were just going to go to dinner without him since he was being such a jerkface. I pull up at home and go into the driveway. I walk to the back door and Laura opens it for me since my hands were full. I walked in and asked her when she turned the A/C on cause it was cool inside. She said a few minutes ago. I then asked if I had any mail and she told me yeah a box on the steps. I walk towards the steps and in the hall way was a large Gas Grill! I also seen Ms. Joyce and turned and asked Laura where Dad was and right then he popped up from hiding behind the bar! LOL Too funny. Laura had cleaned the house and did the dishes while my Dad put the Grill together. They had been there for hours! Nikki came over and we cooked out on the grill and spent hours sitting around the dining room table chatting like we used to do. It was my Mom’s favorite gathering spot.

I got lots of good gifts…….The Grill from my Dad…A Grill set of utensils, a African Violet Pot, a Princess Flashlight, Ring Pops, Garbage Pail Kids, and a Cicada Cook Book from Laura…A pair of slippers that looked like flip flops and a Tri-Gold Flip Flop Charm from Nikki…Strawberry Shortcake Flip Flops and lip gloss and a Bath Bomb from Jodi…Tons of cards, and lots of gifts I haven’t got yet cause I haven’t seen people or the gifts haven’t arrived in the mail yet! If you haven’t been able to tell yet I love Flip Flops. I wear them exclusively from April til October/November, even to work!

I really thank everyone for making my special day a good one!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY I just want to thank everyone fo…


I just want to thank everyone for their Birthday well wishes! I have gotten emails, comments and E cards from so many people. Thank you!

My work is buying lunch of my choice today to celebrate. I am thinking Pizza and salads. I am kinda surprised since I am so new here.

***This just in…..

When I went to help Jim pick up out lunch the Girls set up a Birthday Surprise for me. They had the best cake ever all lit up with candles and a African violet and card. It was so sweet and I was Surprised!

Mean Girls Back in 1996 a movie came out that I…

Mean Girls

Back in 1996 a movie came out that I fell in love with. The movie was called Clueless. It was about a bunch of teenagers who lived in a surreal world. I seen it in the theatre many many times. It climbed into my number 2 spot on the list of all time great movies. Tonight Rachel and I went to the movies. We went to see Mean Girls. I thought it was going to be a fluff movie that would be fun and easy to watch. Low and behold it surpassed any expectation I had of it. It was wonderful! It was funny and witty (like myself) and well written and best/worst part of it was that is was 100% true! It was right on in the way girls are. I could see myself (and my present company) in those Mean Girls. I knew it was a good one when half way through the movie I wanted to rewind it and watch it again! This will be a DVD purchase for sure and I definitely want to see it again in the theatre soon! I think you should all go see it if you want a good laugh. Rachel and I laughed like nuts. We were not the sophisticated ladies in their mid twenties that we portray! It was sooo FUNNY! It is right up there with Clueless in my book!

LISANNE Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Lisan…


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Lisanne thank you so much. This looks wonderful and I *LOVE* it! You are one talented lady!

YUP THATS ME! You’re My Little Pony!! Sweet an…


my little pony
You’re My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

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SAD MONDAY I always get so sad on Sundays, just…


I always get so sad on Sundays, just thinking about work the next day. Then Monday mornings really suck! I slept just horrible last night. I tossed and turned over and over!

This weekend was nice. Very lowkey, which is what I needed. I cleaned the house on Saturday, and went to Walmart. Then I went to my Dad’s and had some most delish Steamed Crabs. Click the link to learn how to “Pick” them. God I love them. Covered in Old Bay with a ice cold Coors Light. Sunday I put away the MOUND of clean clothes that has been growing in my room since I moved in. I also got to talk to some good friends online and watch two good lifetime movies and my soaps. I have this channel called Soap Net and on Sunday nights from 7-12 they show Days of our Lives from all week! What a great way to catch up!

I LOVE AIR CONDITIONING My Dad came over tonigh…


My Dad came over tonight and brought me some dinner. He also changed my filter in my furnace. I have the Air conditioning pumping now and hopefully I will have a cool good nights sleep.

Tomorrow my plan is a major cleaning! My room is covered with clothes. Oddly enough they are all clean, they just need to be put away!

Tonight I am heading to a nice cool bath, complete with bath melts. I have a little bit of my book to finish reading and the bath tub is the perfect location for that. It is the new V.C. Andrews book, while I love these books I hate them just the same. They are always series and I am going to have to wait months to read the next one.

NOT IN THE RED My Bank account was overdrawn. …


My Bank account was overdrawn. Thank god I got my refund back from Baltimore Gas & Electric Company. I went to the Bank this morning before work and I am on the possitive side once again. I am so happy! I wish it would cool down about 20 degrees here. We went right from Winter to Summer. My sister is spending the night and I wish I could turn on the AC. Two people in one bed with no AC when at 10:00 it was still 80 degrees is not going to be fun. I am glad that she is staying though! I love when she stays with me.

I am so glad it is Friday (or almost)! My goal is to clean up my room this weekend and get the AC on!

I am sitting in my office and I can hear the Cicadas making noise out back. I have seen two so far and I am not looking forward to the 100’s that are predicted! They say out of every hole two hundred Cicadas emerge! EWE!

ER Tonight is the Season Finale of ER. I am go…


Tonight is the Season Finale of ER. I am going to miss this show this summer. I love it. So exciting. I am making dinner and going to invite Laura and my friend Tony over for dinner. They are probally both busy (they always have something to do) so if not I will have dinner alone. I hope it gets cooler around here.

At work I am working on a file and the ladies name is Kathy M. Hair on all prior papers and on the contract it is Kathy R. Hair. I am so confused and so are the agents. I wonder if she is lossing her mind and writing the wronge name. This file is just a big problem. I wish I was laying on the beach relaxing somewhere!

SLEEPY If I were one of Snow Whites dwarfs my n…


If I were one of Snow Whites dwarfs my name would be Sleepy today. I am so tired. I am deffinatly not as young as I once was. I was out last night and today I am paying for it. I can’t believe my Birthday is only a week away. I am dreding it. I used to look forward to my birthday, but not so much anymore. I wish I was going away for my Birthday. It is going to be a hard day. I have never had a birthday without the person who gave birth to me. My mom was great about birthday’s. She always made a big deal about them (Except for that year I was forgotten due to Laura’s softball game, I never let Mom forget that one). I was born at 10:15am and every year Mom would call me at that minute and tell me Happy Birthday. One year she even sent ballons to school and had them call me to the office at 10:15 to pick them up. I miss her so much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Today is Laura’s Birthday…


Today is Laura’s Birthday. We went out to a bar and had dinner then stayed for drinks. She seemed to have a good one! A few of her friends came and when I left at 11:00 they were heading to another bar. Ahhh to be young again! I gave her an awsome travel bag, a Red Toaster and a new purple hair dryer. She liked them all! Well I better get my but in bed I gotta go to the bank at 7:00am so I don’t bounce a check!

NOT SO FIRED Just a quick post….Laura’s boss …


Just a quick post….Laura’s boss the Dad doctor called her and apologized for the way his asshole son acted. He told her she had her job and that he was the boss not to listen to the son doctors when it comes to things like that. They don’t have a say in who is hired or fired! She was glad and so am I. I hope the Dad chewed the son out for being suck a mean ass!

FIRED! My sister lost one of her jobs yesterd…


My sister lost one of her jobs yesterday. A person came in for her to give them a shot and they were making small talk as Laura got the needle ready and then the lady said to her “Did you and your mom have a good day yesterday” and Laura broke down crying. Well the doctor took her in his office and chewed her out about crying in front of patients. Laura said ok, I am sorry and he told her to take it elsewhere. She said should I go home and he said yeah and don’t come back. Now this wasn’t the main Doctor, the one who hired her, but it was one of his asshole sons! I told her she needs to call the father doctor to let him know what happened. Even if she doesn’t want her job back, just she he knows she didn’t just up and walk out!

Happy Mother’s Day! I was blessed with th…

Happy Mother’s Day!

I was blessed with the Best mom in the world. This is the first Mother’s Day that I didn’t spend with her. I miss her every single day, but today it is horrible. I would give 10 years off my life to talk to her one more time. I have so many fond memories of my Mom. The way she would try to run over the birds in the Giant Parking lot, the way she could convince me of anything, (like that her clear complexion came from washing her face with pee), the way she LOVED Adam Sandler (LOL), the way she loved my sister and me! She was the best and I love so much. I hope where ever she is she is having a good day with her Mom!

GOING TO THE CHAPEL……… Nikki is getting m…


Nikki is getting married today at 3:00 PM. She just called me a few minutes ago at 7:00 on the dot to make sure I was up. I am doing my hair and then heading to the salon to help her do hers. Yesterday I treated her to some bright new finger and toe nails and we went and did all last minute preparations. Last night was the rehearsal dinner and that went very well. She gave me a really pretty silver frame that was engraved with “Maid of Honor” and today’s date. It was so nice. Nikki sounded so excited this morning all I could do was smile at her! I am really happy everything is finally going right and that she is so happy!! She is going to be a beautiful bride! I will have pictures tomorrow.

May, May Go Away, Come Again Another Day! This…

May, May Go Away,

Come Again Another Day!

This month has and is extremely hard for me! I have Nikki’s wedding, which is really hard with all that has happened with Greg and I; then tomorrow I have Mother’s day, and I just miss my Mom so much. Thanks to Rachel I won’t be alone tomorrow; but then on May 19th I have my birthday and it is my first one with out my Mom and I am turning into an Old Maid; and finally on May 23rd I have to get through the anniversary of my Mom’s death! I will be so glad when May finally goes away!!

Why not? Invent a memory of me and post it in t…

Why not?

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it’s something that’s never happened. Then post this in your journal so that people can invent memories for you. (I consider the last bit optional if you’d rather not use it in your own blog.)

Seen at Busy Mom

GET AWAY I have been thinking about my wedding …


I have been thinking about my wedding day, or Un-wedding day now. I think I want to go on a vacation and be gone during that week. I think it will hurt way too much to be around here. To talk to Greg that day, or see the places we were to get married and have our reception at.

I called my Sister a few minutes ago and she agreed to join me on my Un-Wedding Trip 2005! It will be January so I wanna go someplace warm. Any suggestions? I am thinking all inclusive, warm and fun!

Thanks you all for suggestions on the dog, but Cats are way out. They are too sneaky for me and Laura is allergic to Cats worse then dogs!

No Dog As good as is sounds on paper I most lik…

No Dog

As good as is sounds on paper I most likely will not be getting a dog. My sister is deathly allergic to them (if they have hair) and I would be super lonely if she didn’t come visit. I really want one though. I hate being alone everynight. Once in a while is good but I am starting to get bored with it. There is still so much to do with the house, I just can’t make myself do it! If I am home I just go to bed and watch TV. Lets not even talk about the mound of laundry I have to wash! Well I better get back to work.

PUPPY I think I want a dog. I am so not a dog …


I think I want a dog. I am so not a dog person, but I am kinda sick of being lonely. I think a dog would help keep me company. I don’t live in a great neighborhood so I don’t want anything I have to walk alot. I also don’t want anything big (Cause I am scared of dogs). I also don’t want a stinky breath dog. I think I want a Papillon. A good friend of mine has had one as long as I have known him. Actually two of them. They are yappers, but so sweet. I love his and they are the only dogs I really have ever liked so I thought they would be a good one.

Papillon Description: The Papillons are small, friendly, elegant Toy dogs of fine-boned structure, light, dainty and of lively action. Their beautiful butterfly-like ears distinguished them from other breeds. Papillons are devoted to their masters, and show hearty spirit making them desirable for show or companionship. Papillons are hardy and usually long lived. They adapt to almost any climate and are comfortable in an apartment as well as the country. They are good travelers. Papillons love to be with their family. They are friendly, happy and eager to please. They rank the number one Toy Dog in obedience.

Other Names: Epagneul Nain (Phalene is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel)

Papillion Height: 8 – 11 inches.

Papillion Weight: 3 – 9 lbs.

Papillion Colors: From pale lemon and white to rich shades of red, chestnut, deep mahogany, tri’s and black and white.

What Name Should You Have? by Lauren