Three Children in Baltimore Dead This makes me …

Three Children in Baltimore Dead

This makes me so sad! I feel awful for those children and thier families. I hope the bastards who commited this crime are punished. I wish they could be punished in the same way these poor children had to suffer.

Ramble We are getting off of work today at 2:00…


We are getting off of work today at 2:00pm. It will be so nice to have a day off on Monday. I will most likely be hanging out with my friend Sherri. Saturday my friend Crystal is coming over. I haven’t seen her since last summer. She used to live with Nikki and I and I went to High School with her. We were really good friends, but we have lost touch. I hope we can reconnect and be close again. She is going to have a baby in October. I cant wait to see her. Sherri and I are going to start Man hunting. She is single too and has tried her hand at internet dating with no luck. I am not sure I want to date again, but I am sick of being alone. I don’t know if I will ever be able to love anyone again. I don’t know if I want to even. But Sherri wants company in her search for love and has recruited me. Does anyone know any good places (realistically now) to meet single guys?

WEEKEND I had a horrible day last yesterday. I…


I had a horrible day last yesterday. I screwed up at work big time. I made like 2 or 3 $$$$ mistakes. I felt sick the rest of the day. Then I drove home and couldn’t get home fast enough. I was all tense and sore from worrying. One bright spot in my day was the GREAT package from Shannon that was waiting on my kitchen table for me! It was filled to the top with great things like homemade jewelry, bath items, cards, post its, a great hangy thing for out side. Just wonderful stuff! Thank you so much girlie! Then I decided to wash my bed linens and watch American Idol. I wanted Diana to win, I like her voice better, and Fantasia’s voice is to Macy Gray for me. But you couldn’t help being happy for her when you seen how excited she was. Then I went to sleep!

This weekend I want to plant some flowers and clean my house. I am having an old friend over for dinner on Saturday and to chat like we used to. I have a Birthday party on Sunday and a Day to do NOTHING on Monday. I wish I was going away, but I will still enjoy just being off.

Yesterday my Dad called me and told me my refund check ($250) had come in from the retreat Greg and I were to go to before we got married. I am so happy the priest sent in my letter so the retreat place would give me a refund! I lost so much wedding money it isn’t funny! I still can’t get anything back from the florist and she has $600!

IDOL Why isn’t it Friday yet? I wish this week…


Why isn’t it Friday yet? I wish this week were over. I am so so tired. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Last night I was in bed by 9:00. I watched American Idol then went to sleep. I hope Diana wins. I just don’t like Fantasia’s voice. It is squeaky or something. I also don’t like that style of signing. She sounds very Eryka Badu and I hate her. It is Whiney or something. I voted for Dianna for a long time, until I fell asleep. I hope that America proves Simon wrong!

WEEKEND OVER Usually I am sad when weekends com…


Usually I am sad when weekends come to an end,but this weekend couldn’t have been over and done with fast enough. Saturday I did stuff I needed done, I also got Birthday Gifts from Rachel and Lisanne. Great Bath and Body Stuff from Lisanne and a cool assortment from Rachel from Food to Bath poofs.

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the day my Mom died. I was sad, but not really any sadder then I am everyday. I miss her every single day so Sunday wasn’t too different. I did spend the day with Laura and my Dad. We had a nice day. We went to breakfast on the Bay and then Laura who shares my love of shopping while sad drug my Dad to a bunch of stores. Then we went to the graveyard and visited my mom and took flowers. After we tired ourselves out shopping and all we went to my house and watched a movie “Out of Time” and had dinner. All in all I was glad that we spent the time together and I think it helped us all get through a tough day!

What Color is Your Brain? brought to you by Quizi…

BIRTHDAY GOODIES I had a good Birthday. Wanna …


I had a good Birthday. Wanna hear the story on my family surprising me? If not click the close button up in the top right corner.

I started calling my Dad around 3 to find out what we were going to do, he wouldn’t answer his phone or return the pages. I called Laura and she said she hadn’t heard from him! I was mad. I wanted to know what was going on. I called Nikki and told her what a jerk he was and that Laura and I were just going to go to dinner without him since he was being such a jerkface. I pull up at home and go into the driveway. I walk to the back door and Laura opens it for me since my hands were full. I walked in and asked her when she turned the A/C on cause it was cool inside. She said a few minutes ago. I then asked if I had any mail and she told me yeah a box on the steps. I walk towards the steps and in the hall way was a large Gas Grill! I also seen Ms. Joyce and turned and asked Laura where Dad was and right then he popped up from hiding behind the bar! LOL Too funny. Laura had cleaned the house and did the dishes while my Dad put the Grill together. They had been there for hours! Nikki came over and we cooked out on the grill and spent hours sitting around the dining room table chatting like we used to do. It was my Mom’s favorite gathering spot.

I got lots of good gifts…….The Grill from my Dad…A Grill set of utensils, a African Violet Pot, a Princess Flashlight, Ring Pops, Garbage Pail Kids, and a Cicada Cook Book from Laura…A pair of slippers that looked like flip flops and a Tri-Gold Flip Flop Charm from Nikki…Strawberry Shortcake Flip Flops and lip gloss and a Bath Bomb from Jodi…Tons of cards, and lots of gifts I haven’t got yet cause I haven’t seen people or the gifts haven’t arrived in the mail yet! If you haven’t been able to tell yet I love Flip Flops. I wear them exclusively from April til October/November, even to work!

I really thank everyone for making my special day a good one!