Still Missing

Still Missing

Michelle Rust went to highschool with me, then she was Michelle Lins. She was a year older then I was, but we had an english class together. She was quiet and very nice. We talked in class, but weren’t outside friends. When I went to college she was in one of my classes, and again we were friendly. Two years ago she went missing. Our community did so many searches and they never found her, or godforbid her body. It was her son’s birthday and she left to go to the store, never to be seen again. It is so sad. I wish she would just come wallking into her house one day like nothing happened and told everyone she was brainwashed and kidnapped and is now back. There are still posters all over the place looking for her. You can read the story here. A good web site here too. I hope she is found one way or another so her family can be at peace! You read the stories on Laci Peterson and that new girl the missing jogger and wonder why didn’t Michelle’s case make the national news??? Or more local coverage? Why isn’t there a E true hollywood story on Michelle Rust? Maybe an episode of Unsolved Mysteries? Oh well, hopefully the answers will be known sooner or later!

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