Hair Hair Everywhere! Yesterday I went to the s…

Hair Hair Everywhere!

Yesterday I went to the salon after a hard day at work. Brad my stylist is truly the best. Not only does he provide you with such a great do, but lots of great conversation. I am always there atleast 3 hours. I go in we straighten my hair then put about 100 foils in it. After processing and a wash, not to mention one hell of a head massage, I get a quick cut….Anything more then an inch and I am stressing out…LOL Then we blow dry and another bout of straightening. I left there about 9:30-10:00 last night. I have very nice highlights now, no more dark blond roots!

STUFF Bunch of stuff. Nothing good has been goi…


Bunch of stuff. Nothing good has been going on and work has been kicking my ass so I haven’t wrote in like a week! Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. Today I went to Affinity Mortgage’s Company Party. I had a good time. Got to visit with some nice people. Then I went to my sister’s and visited with my Grandfather and helped Laura sort out Fire Department papers. I also made the BEST chicken tonight. It was Beer Can Chicken. OMG It was to die for! I am so full and still want more. This week at work should be busy. I am doing a settlement tomorrow, not an official one, but I am helping by getting a few papers signed. I am also getting my hair highlighted and cut tomorrow. I can’t wait. It it soo full of darker blonde roots ! LOL. I love getting my hair done. I was born to be pampered. Ugh I wish I could afford daily facials. I have 13 year old acne again. It is all in connection with my period! I need to get to the doctor and get back on the pill. I can’t take this.

Weekend, regrets and more…. I had a fabulous …

Weekend, regrets and more….

I had a fabulous weekend. I went to my aunts house and visited with her and my two cousins who are getting ready to head back to college. It was so nice. We did lots of talking, lots of eating and lots of Olympic watching. It was fun. On Saturday non of go dressed and we just hung out all day. I had a good time. My aunt and I talked a lot about my Mom and my cousins and I get along so good. I came home yesterday evening. What a relaxing weekend.

You know how when you do something you know you will regret but you just feel compelled to do it anyway. You try to talk yourself out of it and then just have no self control! You know it is wrong but can’t stop yourself. God I hate feeling that way!

Last night I watched the Butterfly effect. I have no idea why it was called that! It was a really good movie and I enjoyed it completely, just a strange name. Ashton Kutcher is a good actor. That one kid was so messed up though! It really makes you think how one action can change so many lives!

BIRTHDAY Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to …

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rachel….Happy Birthday to you. Today Rachel is now half of 50! You are getting so old! Happy Birthday, to an awesome girl!

IDOL 2 Last night we had a great time. Dinner …


Last night we had a great time. Dinner was good and the drinks were better. I only had a small headache this morning. LOL The girl who won is the girl I was wanting to win so that was good. I think we might go again next week, it was alot of fun! I seen a friend of mines ex-boyfriend too…It’s so weird to see someone’s ex. I didn’t getto say hi though…you know I would have so I could have a better report for my friend this morning. But she was satisfied with the info I gave her! LOL

LOVE A friend said this tome today and I sat an…


A friend said this tome today and I sat and thought about it and it is SOOO true!

Love is like taking a Polaroid picture of a person and each second is like a week… Once the picture fully develops that’s how many weeks it is before you have developed true feelings of love for the person.

Maryland Idol Tonight I am going to watch Maryl…

Maryland Idol

Tonight I am going to watch Maryland Idol. There is a bar in Pasadena called Anchor Inn and on Tuesday nights they have a contest called Maryland Idol. I bet you can guess the format. Well they do it all with karaoke. A group of us are going and it should be fun. My last night of fun for the rest of the week. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday I have meetings with Marketing instructors, it teach me how to force people into things they don’t want, or don’t want to do. Can you tell I hate Marketing?