Busted Plans I am sad. Sad, sad, sad! My "New F…

Busted Plans

I am sad. Sad, sad, sad! My “New Friend” had a romantic dinner at his place all planned for us and it was going to be so special. He just canceled on me! He was sitting home and his friend called and said, “Hey do you wanna come with us to NJ this weekend” and Pete (New Friend) said “Nope” and his friend said “Let me rephrase this, you are going to NJ with us this weekend” and Pete said “No I am not” and his friend said “There is going to be a huge party for you and it’s a surprise and people are coming from all over and you ARE going”. So needless to say he is going. I am sad, but excited his parents are having a party for him and that he will see all of his friends. He feels awful, but I told him I am not going anywhere and we will just reschedule. I mean how could I not understand!

Food, Stick, Fix & Invite I am so glad it is We…

Food, Stick, Fix & Invite

I am so glad it is Wednesday. Only two days until Friday, and Friday is going to be great. My “New Friend” is going to cook me dinner at his place for the first time. I hope he makes something I like. A guy who cooks for you, what a foreign concept. I am so tired all the time from us talking on the phone. We are still at that stage where is it not unsual to talk for 3 or 4 hours a night on the phone.

Last night I went and I got all the makings for my Dad’s party invitations. Laura and I are having a 50th Birthday Party for him. It’s a surprise and I need to get these invitations mailed out. This is what they say:

Gil has reached the big 5-0 !

Come celebrate, cut loose and let go!

Let’s toast him with Birthday cheer

with plenty of food,

dancing and beer!

I got them all done and will be mailing them out today. I am excited. I hope it all goes good!

My sister’s Boyfriend got my tire fixed from my crash. I got a new rim and a new tire (both slightly used) for $10! How sweet it that. Now with a front end alignment I will be good as new. Last Night Laura practiced starting IV’s on me. She was pretty good. Stuck me on the first shot. I didn’t bruise or anything. Just a tiny little hole. I am so proud of her. She is doing so good in the academy.

Wheels This was a wheel themed weekend. Part go…


This was a wheel themed weekend. Part good part bad. On Saturday I got woke up at 7:30 by my “new Friend” who was on his way back to the east coast. We talked for a good long time about a lot of nothing. I was waiting for the Gas and Electric Company to come and change my Gas meter so I had to be home between 8am and 4pm. You know he didn’t come until super late! So I used my time wisely, talking on the phone and washing everything I own. Sheets, towels, clothes…You name it and it got washed. Saturday night I went shopping and ended up buying nothing, I watched a Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore and it was pretty good (even if I do hate her) and then just talking on the phone some more.

Sunday was the day of wheels. I was on my way to the Roller Skating Party and I had a car accident! I was driving around a bend in an exit and my tail end spun out and I crashed into the curb. I shredded my tire and bent up my rim. It was horrible. I eased to the shoulder and called Laura who came to help. I then had to take EVERYTHING out of my trunk. It is so full of stuff from my move two years ago. LOL. We put on my donut. No one stopped to help us either. There I was a Damsel in Distress and no one wanted to stop. Bastards! So we got my tire changed and she was going to try to drive my car home and I was going to take her car to my skating party! Well then my donut went flat and after lots of tries we got to a gas station with air and filled it up. She took my car home and I used hers.

I was an hour late to the party. But boy were the girls excited to see me. I got my skates on and was read to fly around the ring. NOT! But has skating gotten hard. I was pretty good on the carpet, but how I ever skated fast, backwards, in circles, on the dining area floor, in races or for hours is beyond me! It was hard! I skated holding on and a little unassisted. Then ……I FELL. It was so funny. Sherri had taken my picture as I was doing good, then boom I was on my ass. It was so funny. That was the end of my skating. LOL Check out the Pictures…..Don’t laugh too hard. Then here are a couple of pictures of the Birthday Girl and her sister. Tabithia is the little blonde and Sabrina is the Red Head. They are so fun and so sweet. Sabrina’s Birthday is the first week in November so next weekend we are going to see Finding Nemo on Ice as a Birthday gift. I am so excited. My Mom always said Tabitha reminded her of me as a kid. Mouthy and cute and prissy. Maybe that’s why I like her so much!

Me Skating

Me Falling

Tabithia and her Best Friend Natalie
This is Sabrina and me

FRIDAY…I LOVE IT Friday is my favorite day of…


Friday is my favorite day of the week. Most people like Saturdays best, but not me. Cause Saturdays always make me think of Sundays and I really hate them. Sundays mean work is the next day and that makes me sad. Fridays though, you have the whole weekend to look forward to. So today is my favorite day of the week, and it is extra special because it is a pay week. I really miss getting paid every week. My poor over due bills. LOL

Today is also special because my “New Friend” graduates today. I wish I could be there to see it, but he traveled back to Iowa earlier this week to graduate with a Doctorate degree from chiropractic College, and I couldn’t take a week off of work. I can’t even imagine spending 10 years in school after High School graduation. I am very proud of him.

This weekend I am going to clean my house from top to bottom tomorrow and work on the invitations to my Dad’s 50th blow out bash. Then on Sunday I am going to a Rollerskating Birthday party. I haven’t been Rollerskating in forever, I hope I don’t fall on my ass. It should be fun. The Sunday evening I am going to take Lauren to see The Grudge, with Sarah Michelle Geller. She is a huge Sarah Michelle Geller Fan.

Well I better get back to work right now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

My WeekendI had a good weekend at the beach. We go…

My Weekend
I had a good weekend at the beach. We got some fixing up done around the condo. It is so peaceful there. We went to get wings and Orange crushes at Haborside Bar & Grill on Saturday and I had a bit much to drink. Check out the silly pictures below. Sunday we went to the Outlets in Rehobeth on the way home. Had dinner at Louis Pizza and drove home through Delaware. It was a good weekend!
(Click to enlarge them all)
This is a picture of the sunset on Saturday night. We are going to have it framed and put in the condo. Isn’t it beautiful!!
This is My Dad sister and I being so silly at dinner. We had all had a few Orange Crushes and were feeling quite good!
Here is silly Laura on Sunday Morning. She could be a model with that nice bathing suit!
Look at my Dad. He is so silly. This would be breakfast on Sunday! What a nut case!

Baby Baby Baby Crystal had her baby! She had hi…

Baby Baby Baby

Crystal had her baby! She had him at 9:45pm on October 13th. He was born after 26 hours of labor. He weighted in at 7lbs and 14 ounces and was a long little guy at 21 inches. Last night Nikki and I went to visit them all in the hospital. Crystal advised Nikki and I never to have kids. She said it hurt really bad! She looked so tired. Here are a few pictures(click to enlarge):

Me and Dakoda

Dakoda Scott

The new Mommy and baby

A little goes a long way! Yesterday was plum aw…

A little goes a long way!

Yesterday was plum awful! I had to take part in something I have been dreading for months and months. I am glad it is finally over and that everything worked out as best it could. Yesterday had me a wreck though. After taking care of business I went home crawled in bed and stayed there until this morning. When I got home yesterday I watched my Soap and then called one of my supporting, awesome bestest friends in the whole world and cried. I cried and whined and talked and talked and finally laughed (like she always makes me do) and laughed and joked for around 3.5 hours. It was so what I needed. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life. Without friends like her life wouldn’t be worth living. She cured my sadness and had me feeling great by the time we hung up! Thanks a million girlie girl! Love ya!