Holiday Cards I love Christmas cards. I am putt…

Holiday Cards

I love Christmas cards. I am putting out an open invitation to anyone who would be interested in exchanging Christmas cards. Just leave me a comment and I will email you to exchange addresses! I hope we all have a fabulous Christmas/Holiday this year!

Recap and Miscellaneous Stuff Thanksgiving dinn…

Recap and Miscellaneous Stuff

Thanksgiving dinner turned out wonderful. I have everything on the table at the same time. Everything tasted just like Mom’s. This week has been hard, and I am glad that it is almost over. I have been bitchy this week and I know it, but it was just because I was sad. Thanksgiving afternoon my sister and I went to the graveyard. It has always been a tradition on our family to taste the stuffing before we stuff the Turkey, when it is just buttery bread and onions and celery and spices. After my Grandmom died my Mom started taking some “Raw Stuffing” up to the graveyard for Memaw. This yeah Laura and I took double, some for my Mom and some for Memaw. I know my Mom would havebeen so proud of me this year!

My sister cleaned out the living room so I can get a Christmas tree this year. A real one! I am so excited. Pete and I are planning on cutting one down. I can’t wait. I love my White Christmas Tree, but to have a real one in the living room where it has always been decorated with my Mom’s Christmas decorations, just makes me so warm and tingley inside.

Pete went home for Thanksgiving on Wenesday. He won’t be home til one day next week. I am really starting to miss him!

This weekend I plan on cleaning real good, doing my wash and getting the living room all ready for the Christmas Tree! I wish I had some extra money so I could also do some Christmas Shopping.

I am still sore from the accident. I have been iceing my back and all but it still is hurting. The Chiropractor won’t be back until Monday. I can’t wait to go see her and get adjusted!

MIA It seems like I have been Missing in Action…


It seems like I have been Missing in Action for a while. I have been super busy at work and I had another car accident (NOT MY FAULT) and I was hurt so I have been going to the Chiropractor for a week now every day. I can’t get my own personal Chiropractor to fix it because it has to be paid for by the insurance company. I am in a good deal of pain. My car is pretty messed up too. The girl did about $2,000.00 worth of damage to my car. It is still drivable, though.

I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for Laura, Brandon, my Dad and me. I am nervous. I have never been good at getting things done at the same time. I am also really sad. This is the 2nd Thanksgiving without my Mom. She Loved Loved Loved Thanksgiving. She had dinner for about 20 people and it was always wonderful. I am going to miss her so much tomorrow. I miss her everyday but Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially hard. I am also sad because I wanted to recreate my Mom’s Thanksgiving. I invited Jodi and her family and Nikki and her family. Jodi is cooking for her family and her husbands family, Nikki is going to her Aunts, and My aunt is still not speaking to my Dad and sister and vise versa, so she wasn’t even invited, and Mr. John (my mom’s Boyfriend) is having dinner with his family and his girlfriend. It just makes me sad that a holiday my Mom loved so much and pulled off wonderfully is now just going to be a small informal dinner, like we would have on any random Tuesday. I should have thought about all of this sooner and invited my Grandfather, but I didn’t. I am going to do my best not to be sad and to make the best dinner possible and make my Mom proud. Here are some Thanksgiving Pictures:

This is my Uncle, my Mom and Mr. John:

This is a picture of My Mom and me in 2002…Mom’s last Thanksgiving:

Is that all???? I’m worth $1,768,931.99! How mu…

Is that all????

I’m worth $1,768,931.99! How much are you worth?

Surprise….For more then one of us! This …

Surprise….For more then one of us!

This weekend was my Dad’s Surprise party, but I ended up with just as big of a surprise. My sister and Shannon have been corasponding back and forth to surprise me with a visit. Shannon got an insider trading tip to use up her US air miles and she used them to come visit me. She was a great help. Thursday Night Laura picked her up from the airport and brought her to dinner. I had made Chicken and Dumplins and I knew Laura and Brandon were coming for dinner. Laura called and asked me if she could bring a friend. I said OK, but was kinda leary. Well in walked Shannon and almost scared the crap out of me! My cousin was staying with me starting on Friday, she had come in for the party, so I thought maybe Laura had got her early. Nope it was Shannon. What a fantastic surprise!

Friday we ran around all day buying supplies and then Friday night took my Dad out for Steamed Crabs for his Birthday. Shannon stole the show there. Eating crabs with a crab virgin is too much fun! It was too funny. After crabs we went to visit Pete at the bar where he works. Shannon gave me the thumbs up on this guy. We got home and crashed on Friday night only to wake up bright and early Saturday to start all over again. By the time the party started I was ready for Bed.

Saturday night turned out wonderful and I couldn’t have done it with out Nikki, Shannon & Pete! They were all my back bone for sure. Always there to help at a moments notice! They were great! Thank you guys! The party had a great turn out, about 80 people and was so much fun. I think my Dad was surprised. I sure hope so all the effert we put into it. Here are a few pictures:

My Dad and his Cake:

Me and my Surprise Visitor:

Me and my “New Friend”:

I was so sad to take Shannon back to the Airport after her back adjustment and lunch on Sunday. I will miss her so much. She is a great friend and I had a wonderful time. Who knows when I might get to see her again!

To see the rest of the Photo’s Click HERE & HERE

Whirlwind Weekend It feels like Friday cause I …

Whirlwind Weekend

It feels like Friday cause I am off work tomorrow. Tonight I have to rush home pick up my car since it is now fixed and finish my cleaning, Make my Bed, and be ready by 7 to go to the airport to pick up out of town guest who are coming to visit me and help celebrate my Dad’s 50th Birthday. I am so excited. I love guests, especially this one! I have a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 8 am, then we are all going to Breakfast and to get pedicures. After that we have lots of shopping for the party. We have to get all the paper supplies, order the balloons and the cake too! I am so excited I hope it all goes off well. We are expecting about 75-100 people. I have never done something so big before! I hope it doesn’t turn out chessy. Tomorrow night we are going out for Crabs. My Dad thinks it is for his birthday….Little does he know. LOL

Things with Dr. Pete are going well. I am very well adjusted. He is just the sweetest. I love spending time with him. Even when we are just snuggling on the sofa. I love that he is a snuggler. He told me the other day he has never felt the way he feels about me towards anyone else. I love when I am laying there and he is just stroking my face so lightly and talking all low. It gives me chills just thinking about it! I am still scared this will all get ripped away from me. I try to be positive, but worry just creeps in. He is going to meet my Dad & like all my family on Saturday. Wish him luck, they are all quite the characters!

BINGO BINGO BINGO Bingo all night long (LOL Sha…


Bingo all night long (LOL Shannon). Tonight Sue from work and I are going to play bingo. I haven’t played since Rachel and I were visiting Shannon back in April. I hope I win big. I wanna buy my “New Freind” a present. He has been such a bright light in my life and I wanna thank him. But My Dad’s party is this weekend and I am low on funds. This weekend I seen The Incredibles and it was Incredible. I have been tired lately and I stayed in bed alot this weekend. Well It’s another Monday. Can’t wait for it to be over!