I am a nervous wreck. Tonight my “New Friend” is coming to my house for the first time for dinner. I have been cleaning and all like crazy. I never fully got my house into shape when I moved. But since this weekend I have been busting ass trying to finish unpacking and clean. I am also having company stay at my house the weekend of my Dad’s party and I really wanted the guest room in order and all. So now it is. The only think not cleaned is my room. I ran out of steam after cooking for 3.5 hours last night. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I made Chicken and Dumplins, Glazed Carrots and Brownies. I also have to table all set and ready to go. All I have to do is take a quick bath and do my hair and make up. He is bringing his “table” over to give me a back adjustment. I am excited about that to. We are going to watch some movies after dinner. I have Twisted, Raising Helen and Tom Cats. Any suggestions on what we should watch? I am so nervous I got my belly all upset and face broken out. I am such a silly girl!

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