TMI Ok Ok this may be TMi but am I the only one…


Ok Ok this may be TMi but am I the only one who gets cramps when they are ovulating. I have since for like ever. They feel like period cramps, but a bit differant. I have “charted” my cycle and I get them right in the middle of my ovulation days. It bugs me.

Tonight Petey and I are heading out to do some shopping. We have gift cards for Target and Wal*Mart. I have my eye on these pretty purple Iced Tea glasses at Target and I need to get bath supplies (soap, hair stuff, etc.) for my trip. I have to have all new stuff for vacations. Isn’t that weird? I always have. My Mom passed it on to my sister and I!

Tommorrow I am going to order our steaks and lobster from the market! Soo excited about New Years!

What a Wonderful Night Last night Pete and …

What a Wonderful Night

Last night Pete and I had our own little Christmas Celebration. I picked him up after work and he came out with a big box for me. It was covered in purple bows. We then went to dinner at Seaside. The service was slow but we enjoyed being together. We really missed each other. After stopping by my Dad’s to braid Laura’s hair real quick we went home. I turned on the tree and lights and set up his gifts. He said I was the lady so I got to go first. He gave me the prettiest music box, snow globe ever! I LOVE IT! Here is the link! I was so surprised. It plays music. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. He opened his gifts and loved them too. I got him a CD, New Sheets, a Velour Blanket and a bunch of stocking stuffers.

We also talked last night about how we are going to spend New Years Eve. We decided to stay in and cook since neither one of us are big club/bar people. I also want to spend as much time with him as I can since I won’t get to see him the week I am on my cruise. We are going to make lobster with drawn butter and steaks stuffed with cream cheese, spring onions and mushrooms, wrapped in bacon. After we eat and all we are going to go up to Federal Hill and watch the Fireworks at the Inner Harbor. It should be a romantic wonderful night. I can’t wait!

Crappy Gift? You Are Socks!Cozy and warm… but…

Crappy Gift?

You Are Socks!
Cozy and warm… but easily lost.You make a good puppet.

What Crappy Gift Are You?

Merry Christmas….Again I wish I wasn’t here a…

Merry Christmas….Again

I wish I wasn’t here at work today. Gosh it would have been nice for a few more days off. But I just keep thinking only 15 days until I will be on that boat in the warm caribean! God I can not wait. It is going to be so wonderful. I have started looking at the shore escursions. I booked airfair too. It really pays to shop around for airfair! You can’t beat round trip for around $150.00.

Pete went home to spend the Holidays with his family in New Jersey. I really am missing him. It’s been like a week since I have had one of his good bear hugs. Well Saturday he told me he would be home on Tuesday. I was so sad. Well Pete called me this morning and we were chit chatting and he said “So what ar eyou doing tonight?” I said “Cleaning, nothing much”, he said “Good, then I am coming home”, I said “How come” and he said “Cause I miss you”! AWE! So my Honey is coming home a day early. We are having Christmas tonight. So it will be Christmas Again tonight.

Christmas PicturesHere are a few pictures from Chr…

Christmas Pictures
Here are a few pictures from Christmas. We have a tradition on Christmas eve that we always get our picture taken Eon the steps on our way up to bed. My Dad came over and has every year to “Tuck us in”. It was weird cause my Mom wasn’t here this year. We always got a picture with Laura and I, then one of my Mom, Laura and I, and then one of my Dad, Laura and I. We always teased my Mom cause she was a HORRIBLE picture taker. We would laugh and all. Some times it would be a picture of the wall and then our little heads at the bottom. So this year it was weird with out her. But she was there in spirit with us. You could tell. I could feel her. It was a nice feeling to be back here celebreting Christmas like we should have been. So here are the two Pictures of us going up tp bed on Christmas Eve.
Laura and I
Dad, Laura and I
Tonight Laura and Brandon and I went to visit 34th Street in Baltimore City. It is an entire city block that decorates like you wouldn’t believe. There are lights going clear acrossed the street, from roof top to roof top. There is even a few house that invite you in to visit and sign thier guest book. There are my three of my favorite phots from tonight.
Most Decorated House
Lights From Rooftop to Rooftop
Hub Cap Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas I want to wish you all a Very M…

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. I thought I would take a break from cooking to run on up here to the computer and wish you all a Happy Holiday. I have had a wonderful Christmas so far. My sister spent the night last night and we got up at 8:00am. My Dad came over and we all sat around and exchanged gifts for about 2 hours. My Dad also cooked up a tasty breakfast and then Brandon did the dishes. It was then time to play with our toys. First we played Trivial Prusuat the 90’s Edition, then we played Fact or Crap. Both were fun. Well off to work on dinner. Hope you all have a great day filled with Joy, Family & Friends!

Missing you! Dear Mom, Well it is Chri…

Missing you!

Dear Mom,

Well it is Christmas Eve and you would be proud of me. I have all the gifts wrapped, the house is decorated and oh so clean, the lights are on, cookies are out, the only thing missing is you. I miss you each and every day. Today I miss you a little bit more then usual. I love you so much and I know how important family and friends are to you, especailly around Christmas. I am going to be cooking dinner tommorrow for us all. I am going to attempt your famous potato salad. I hope it turns out good and that Dad thinks it is the best in the world. Dad and Laura tell me all the time how I am the best cook left on earth, not in the world cause we all know you have that title. You know Mom, I haven’t cried in a while. I have been tough and strong and all, but a good part of today was spent crying. I just miss you so much. Mr. John just called. We talked about how much we missed you and how a day doesn’t go by that we don’t think about you. He loved you so much, almost as much as Laura and I. You really were our rock. We were so lucky to have you. So lucky to have learned all the things you taught us. Nikki and I were talking about Christmas past a few days ago, you had such an effect on everyone who knew you. You would be glad to know that the ladies at your work sent Laura and I cards. They still think about you. I wish you were here. So much has happened in the past year and a half. So much I have wanted to tell you and share with you. So much that I wish you could have helped me deal with. I have to stop and remember all you have helped me with, though and I can almost hear you giving me advise about things. Oh Mom, what I would’t give for one more week with you, one more Christmas, shoot even one more hour. To feel your soft hands and comforting hug. I will love you forever! Can you give Memaw and Grandmaw hugs for me and I hope your holliday is spend with the people you have been reunited with!

Merry Christmas



Ok I haven’t lost my mind, I know my Mom doesn’t read my blog, but this is the letter that I wrote to her a few minutes ago. I put it in her christmas card and then I tore the whole thing up into little pieces and took them to the grave yard. I have done this a few other times. It just makes me feel closer to her. I write this here just so I would be able to see it and think of her. I miss her so much and this is a way for me to deal with it. She loved Christmas and she would love that we are having a real family Christmas here in her house together!