Back to Reality Monday’s…YUK! Monday’s after a …

Back to Reality

Monday’s…YUK! Monday’s after a fun filled weekend at the beach…BIG YUK!

We had a wonderful time at the Ocean. Friday when we got there we went to my favorite bar in all of Ocean City for dinner and drinks. I had 4 Orange Crush’s! 2 is my limit. Lets just say I was feeling really good! Saturday we went to the Boardwalk and played in the arcade. We tied at Air Hockey, even after I was told I would be crushed. HA! We walked on the Boardwalk and stopped in some stores. One cute Joke store ran by a man who had to be 90. He had fake poop, fart bombs, Lighters that shock your fingers, fake puke, all kinds of goofy things, and then in the back next to “Shitty Candles” was a big bucket of “Condums”. That is how it was spelled. They were lifestyles, extra lubricated. No Joke about them. Just regular Condoms. They were $.25 each or 5 for a dollar. How odd. Pete and I joked about how we would never buy Condoms from Pop’s Joke Shop! LOL We got some pretty shots of the Sunset. We had a good dinner Saturday night and we were planning on going out, but we went home and crashed instead. It was so nice just being the two of us. We talked some more about Pete’s impending move and we were both in tears. It is going to be so hard, but we are going to make it work.

Here are a few Pictures from the trip. To see them all chick HERE!

TGIF 30 minutes and counting until my mini vacati…


30 minutes and counting until my mini vacation starts. When I leve here we are heading to get the oil changed then hitting route 50 to head to Ocean City. I am so excited. A weekend all alone with my Honey. We are going to be Bar hoping, fishing, playing in the arcades. I can’t wait. Well I have to wiat…28 more minutes. Work has been so hetic this week. I don’t know how I survived! But I did! I am all caught up on my work and it feel good. I want to leave and start my weekend so badly 26 minutes and counting! I have been getting alot of deals from my friend who is a loan officer. I get a $100 bounse for each one. After taxes about $60.00 per deal. I am planning on starting a savings account with that money. I am thinking of an ING account. They are giving you $25.00 for signing up. Well I am outta here now. I hope you all have a great great weekend!

Work me to the Bone I am so tired today. I was at…

Work me to the Bone

I am so tired today. I was at work until 9 pm last night! YAWN! Oh excuse me! LOL After I got off I went and picked up the best Pizza I have ever had from Pizza John’s, not to be confused with Papa John’s. Not that after even one bite you could confuse anything! I also got a huge bottle of Sangria and lets just say I was feeling real good by the time I went to sleep! Work has been stressing me out so bad. I want to just hold tight here, because after lots of talk and thought Pete and I have decided I will probally be moving in the long run and it doesn’t look good on a resume to have a bunch of job jumps. I also have a pretty good reward system going on at my current job for my referrals. I don’t know!

This weekend Pete and I are going to the Beach. He has never been to Ocean City. I have so much to show him. We are going to take fishing rods too, I love fishing. I just can’t remove the fish from the hooks is I catch one. I am too girly for that now, although I have no problem baiting my hook, squid is my bait of choice! I have a few good bars for us to hit and a couple of great places to dine. Plus a weekend with just the too of us!

So how was American Idol last night? I was working and missed it!

Infested! I am infested with mice. Beady eyed, sn…


I am infested with mice. Beady eyed, sneaky, dirty mice! I hate them. I knew when I moved back into my mom’s house that I would have to deal with the mice. The house is like 100 years old and is just proned to getting mice, each and every winter. I hate mice, I am scared of them. I have been dealing with them my whole life though. I am almost at my witts end as to what to do about the little bastards! They poop all over the place, I no longer have a dust buster, I have a poop buster. I scrub the kitchen all the time, I don’t leave food lay around, I clean up crumbs, I wash the dishes soon as I use them, and yet the little SOB’s keep fining things to eat (like my noodles, candy, anything around) and keep popping all over. I have bought tons of traps, different kinds of poisons nothing works! They eat the bait off the traps. They eat the poison which is Green, and does it kill them? NO, it just turns their little poops green! I can’t bring myself to buy the traps that snap on them and squish out their innards. Not because I give a rat’s ass (lol no pun intended) about the mice, but because I can’t touch no trap with a dead mouse squished on it! I am scared of them. If I see one I scream bloody murder.

The other night Pete and I were upstairs and I went into my bedroom to make the bed and I was waiting for him to come in, and I seen one of those little bastards run from under my dresser acrossed the floor and darted under my bed. Well I screamed like I had scene a ghost! I ran down the hall into the computer room where Pete was and I proceeded to jump up and down and almost cry. I dragged him into my room to remove all of my pillows off of the floor. I also found mouse poop near the dresser! Why would the damn mouse need to go into my personal space, my bedroom! Ugh! So now I have to try to keep all 11 pillows on my bed cause I can’t think about them being touched by a mouse! I am so scared being in my room, it is horrible!

I need to call terminex so they can come and help take care of this problem, BUT……I have two mini vacations planned back to back. I am going to the Beach this weekend and to DC for a concert next weekend and these trips are eating up my funds!

This post was inspired by a much funnier post by Bethanie located here!

P.S. I also need to still take down my Christmas tree….LOL I am soo bad!

Happy Monday I would be happy if it wasn’t Monday…

Happy Monday

I would be happy if it wasn’t Monday. I hate Mondays. I wish it was still the weekend. It is President’s Day and I wish I was home, but no I am here working hard! I had a pretty good weekend. I missed Pete, who went to his anniversary dinner, I don’t know what I am going to do once he moves back to NJ. I am going to miss him so much. Friday night I spent the night at his house and we watched the Girl Next Door….Such a funny movie! Then Saturday I spent the day with Ricky, Jodi’s little boy. We went shopping, to lunch and to Chucky Cheese! It was a fun day. After that Katelyn and Lauren spent the night. We watched Shark Tale, such a cute Movie! Sunday I took Katelyn to a Birthday Party at Build a Bear, Her little friend Madison’s Mom turned out to be an old friend of mine from college, Amie. What a small world! We are going to get together soon to catch up! I am excited. Last night I went to dinner with Laura and Brandon and then we all went back to Laura’s to watch

Two down …. Two to go! That is how I always thi…

Two down …. Two to go!

That is how I always think of Wednesdays! Our plans for our weekend getaway may have a snag. Last weekend I went to Pete’s house for dinner and a movie and his friend B mentioned that this weekend is the fraternities Anniversary Dinner. Well when I mentioned it to Pete later and asked him why he wasn’t going (it’s in NJ), he told me that we have had plans to go to the Ocean for way longer then he has known about the dinner. I told him it was fine and he should go. He said we will see! I don’t want him to miss out. So we may move it to another weekend.

Valentines day was so perfect! The shrimp Scampi turned out perfect. We had dinner in the dining room by candle light. I got candles with hearts on them and it was so romantic. We were talking all about our future house building plans. It won’t happen for years, but it is fun to plan! He gave me 2 of the most heart felt cards I have ever received. They brought tears to my eyes.

Today I have a doctor appointment! It’s the girlie doc. It is a new one, so I am kinda nervous. Afterwards my honey and I have a date planned though. Plus I get to leave work at noon!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Isn’t this little heart cu…


Isn’t this little heart cute? I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day! I love Valentines day. I also loved that the first words I heard when I woke up was Pete whispering Happy Valentines day into my ear. Tonight I am making Shrimp Scampi and Garlic Bread over Heart shapped pasta! I hope everything turns out good. I got the Pasta at the World Market when I was visiting Shannon. I want to get some more! What a romantic dinner! I hope my sweetie likes it. I also hope you all have great evenings with your sweeties!