American Idol Top Ten for March 29th Bo Bice – N…

American Idol

Top Ten for March 29th

Bo Bice – Not to impressed. Plus I didn’t care for the song.

Jessica Sierra – Not her absolute best but still OK. I agree with Simon though that there were many better Leann Rimes songs to choose from.

Anwar Robinson – Just okay.

Nadia – Way better then Last week, still not up to the other girls.

Constantine Maroulis – No No I am awake, he didn’t put me to sleep. What on earth did the judges hear that I missed?!

Nikko Smith – Great job! I really like him.

Anthony Federov – UGH! Where did the glasses go?! He is not up tp par with the rest of the Idols and I think he should have left already. Ok Ok I know this is cruel, but when he was singing about taking his breath away I had to giggle. I hate how he is always showing off his hole. V-necks, Unbuttons shirts, low cut shirts! Ugh Put it away already!

Carrie Underwood – LOVED it. But then again, she’s my favorite. She is going to be an amazing COuntry Star with or with out American Idol!

Scott Savol – Ick. I really just don’t like him to much but tonight he sounded pretty good. Usually he always sounds just good enough.

Vonzell Solomon – To take a Pre-Crackhead Whitney song and do it well is hard work and she pulled it off very very well! She was fabulous last night!

My prediction for the bottom three: Anthony, Scott, and maybe Amwar.

My prediction and hope for who goes home: Anthony.

Oh and was it me or did Paula seem a little high tonight? LOL

What are your predictions?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know…… How I spend my…

Inquiring Minds Want to Know……

How I spend my Easter Sunday? My sister, Brandon, Pete and I took down the CHRISTMAS TREE! It is down! Down and out! All the needles are cleaned up!

Pete and I also cooked a fabulous dinner. We had Ham, Twice baked Potatoes, Broccoli & Cauliflower, Cucumber Salad, crescent rolls and Deviled Eggs. Everything was sooo good! We had a good time.

My Dad gave me an Easter Card with the Pink Carebear on it. He said he picked it cause it looked just like me. I said I do not look like a Carebear. He said yes you do, look as those puffy cheeks. He was laughing, will Pete jumps in and says you are wearing the same clothes as the Carebear! Yesterday I wore my Pink Sweat Suit with a white tee shirt underneath and I did look like a Carebear! All I needed was a Pink and Red Heart on my Belly! LOL

Hot Stuff Last night I spent the night at Pete’s …

Hot Stuff

Last night I spent the night at Pete’s house. I love when I do that. He lives 5 minutes from work and his bed is heavenly. The tempature in his room is nuts though! His house is old and has Radiators for heat and they get so hot. I always take a tank top to sleep in cause I smother! I get so hot and that is with the windows open! Turn the heat off all ready! He roommate did cook a great diner. Steak and rice with pigeon peas. MMM so good! Oh and what do you all think about the American Idol crap. I think it could have been staged!

M-O-U-S-E Well I did it, I broke down and called …


Well I did it, I broke down and called an exterminator. I can’t take the mice anymore. The other night I was on the sofa watching American Idol and talking to Shannon and one of those little bastards ran out from under he sofa…THE SOFA I WAS SITTING ON! I almost died! So needless to say I am done trying to catch them, done trying to poison them. I can’t do it they are bionic mice!

I Need To Get Out More! bold the states you’ve be…

I Need To Get Out More!

bold the states you’ve been to, underline the states you’ve lived in and italicize the state you’re in now…
Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /
Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you.

Happy Birthday Lucas Alexander Jensen was born at…

Happy Birthday

Lucas Alexander Jensen was born at 12:09am this morning. Welcome to the world little boy! Good job Lisanne, I told you you could do it (you didn’t have a choice)!

I’m so Excited This afternoon after work Pete and…

I’m so Excited

This afternoon after work Pete and I are going to buy my new computer! After researching it and a little help from Miss Shannon we decided that an Apple Mac Mini would be best for what we use it for! Here are some more pictures! I am so excited to have a new computer! Apples are so awesome. I fell in love with Shannon’s in January! I will finally have a CD burner and a DVD burner. Plus I can use my old monitor and keyboard and mouse. All I need is the Mac and a few accessories! EKKK! Also in good news I made $115.00 on Ebay sales last week!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Being the Irish girl t…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Being the Irish girl that I am I would like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s day. I forgot to wear my Green this morning! So I guess I am Black Irish today. Here is a picture of my Dad. Doesn’t he just look like the Lucky Charm’s leprechaun!

He is such a nut.

Last night I spent the night at Pete’s. His back was sore and he wanted to sleep in his own bed. His bed is to die for! I will fix that though. I bought a Down alternative (he is allergic to feathers) featherbed and new fake feather pillows! I also got new Sheets and a new comforter. I can’t wait to clean my room and put out the new goodies. Well anyways….I got out of bed this morning, and to do that I have to roll out cause it is just a mattress on the floor. Well there was a nail in the hardwood floor that was sticking up and it almost ripped my toe off! I was in tears and even as I type this it is throbbing!

tomorrow night we have a date! We are going to the Comedy Club down town. I am excited. I haven’t been in years. I am trying to think of somewhere fun to have dinner. Well I am off to harass a lender for my documents for today’s work!

Miscellaneous Stuff I posted yesterday a good lon…

Miscellaneous Stuff

I posted yesterday a good long post with lots of links and damn Blogger messed up and lost it! So I am going to try to recreate that post (it will never be the same).


I hate Trash. I hate smelling it, I hate touching it, I hate taking it out, and as of yesterday I really hate running all over my yard picking it up. An animal got into my garbage and it is all over my yard. How nice it that. I am thinking it was the damn possum or groundhog that live under my back deck!

Ice Cream

Pete loves Ice Cream. It is his weakness. I on the other hand and severely allergic to Ice Cream and it’s sister Milk! I love Ice Cream, but it makes me so sick. Violently ill so much so I can not get out of bed. I am good with a bite or two, but more then that I am a goner. Well Saturday Pete and I tried to go to Coldstone Creamery. We have been trying to get there for a while now, but the line is always crazy so we went to Friendly’s where we got Sundays. Frozen yogurt for me. Then Monday I get home from my Dad’s after 10:00pm and Pete is on the sofa and wanted Ice Cream. Well Coldstone was closed, so we went to Giant, the 24 hour one and get Ice Cream and yogurt for me. It wasn’t good. I wanted the Peanut Butter Reese’s Ice Cream Pete had!


Ani sent me a link for a free Photo book at Photoworks. I spent hours making up one from the Cruise Shannon and I went on in January. I added captions and witty quotes and it looks Great! I love it. They have shipped it out and I should get it tomorrow. I am excited. I hope it looks as good on paper as it does on the screen!

Air Plane Travel

I am so excited I will be going to visit my bestest gal pal and her family in April! I found airfare for $49.00 each way and didn’t book it right away. I went back to book it and it had more then doubled in two days. So I did some internet research and found airfare for $161 round trip. I booked it on Friday. Well, Monday I just wanted to go check times so I searched for the same flights and low and behold the airfare is now over $350.00! I wouldn’t be able to go if it was that much! Thank goodness I booked when I did! We are going to have a fabulous time! I have a surprise for Shannon too! I can’t wait to get there!


I went through my closet and I found 27 items of clothing that were almost brand new. I haven’t worn them in a year so I listed them. They are doing really good. 7 had bids so far and like 15 have watchers! I am going to use this money to pay for my trip down south. It is going to be great to be in the warm south and be with Shannon. I wish I could stay longer, but we will have to squeeze in as much girly fun as possible!

Friday It’s Friday again. I love Friday’s, more t…


It’s Friday again. I love Friday’s, more then any other day of the week. You get paid of Friday’s, that’s good. You have the whole weekend ahead of you, also good. Most people like Saturday’s, but Saturday’s make me think of Sunday’s and Sunday’s are right next to Monday’s! LOL I don’t have too much planned this weekend. I am going to have lunch with my friend Crystal and her baby tomorrow. I am looking forward to that very much! Crystal and I were best friends in High School, she lived with Nikki and I in our house for a while, she moved out and we kinda lost touch for a few years. Thanks to the power of the internet and an email I sent out saying I was changing Job’s a few years ago we started talking through Email. When she found out she was having a baby our emails got more and more, she really wanted to share that with a good friend. Even though we had lost touch a few years, it was like nothing had changed. Instantly we could tell each other anything again. We don’t get to see each other much, we are all just so busy, but we exchange a few emails a day and are very up to date on each other’s lives. I am glad cause I missed her. I can’t wait to see her and the baby of course! Tonight I am going to make Rachael Ray’s inside out burgers for Pete and I. Here is the recipe….They are so good! I hope you all have a great weekend.

Fly Far, Far Away I am so excited! I am going to…

Fly Far, Far Away

I am so excited! I am going to visit my bestest gal pal and her family for her nefew’s Birthday Party and Baptism (Baptismal..HaHa). I haven’t seen Shannon since January when we cruised around the world (ok ok around the Caribean). I miss her. So on April 1 I will be heading down south for a short weekend visit! I can’t wait. I love airlines. I can’t even imagin having to travel down south by train ever again. I when down and back once by train and then drove down with Shannon and Jon once and took the train home and they were both aweful! Well worth it to spend time with Shannon, but flying is the way to go! Less then 2 hours and Boom you are there! Traveling by train takes a good 10 + hours! Craziness!

Mini Vacation Friday night Pete and I cooked up a…

Mini Vacation

Friday night Pete and I cooked up a bunch of food to take to DC with us. We were going the cheapo way after the prior weekend spending all of our money at the beach. We made cucumber salad, macaroni salad, chicken salad, friend chicken and some tea. We took snacks and all too. Saturday morning we got up early and packed the cooler and the car. Then we headed out to DC. We found our hotel. The Residence Inn! It usually rents for $299 I got it on Priceline for $61 a night! It was so nice. The concert was great. Motley Crue drew in a vast age group. There were people younger and older then us. I was amazed by the amount of pot that was being smoked inside the concert. There was a lot of the “F” word too! LOL I was also surprised by the Boob shots the guys on stage requested and asked for. As I was pointing at one pot smoker in a red hat pete yelled at me….LOL It was funny! He said havene’t you been to a concert before, it just happens….I was like, It never happend at the Britney Spears Concert, Backstreet Boys, NSync, New Kids on the Block. He just rolled his eyes at me and laughed! LOL

Yesterday it was 70 degrees here in baltimore and today, 23 degrees and snowing…..The poor tulips and daffidills are going to be so confused!

Happy Anniversary I wanna send a Happy Anniversar…

Happy Anniversary

I wanna send a Happy Anniversary out to my Bestest Friend and her Hubby! 4 years ago today they walked down the aisle and pledged there love to one another. Shannon was a beautiful bride! I wish you many many more years of happiness! Enjoy today, even if it isn’t what was planned, you are together! Love you guys!

Day from HELL! Yesterday was the worst day I have…

Day from HELL!

Yesterday was the worst day I have had in a long long time. Let me share the shitty-ness of it with you. I was running late for work (as usual) and I dropped Pete off at his house and then I got pulled over by a police officer for no turn signal (it is broken from he accident), So then I go throught the drive in at McDonald’s and order a Sausage and Cheese Biscuit (NO EGG). I open it up and it is a Egg and cheese biscuit no Sausage! I get to work and have issues with the management, bad issues that caused me to sit in my car and cry to Pete for a few minutes. I then am fuming mad (picture a cartoon with steam coming out of her ears) for a good part of the rest of the day. I then call Laura’s boyfriend and invite them to dinner. I told him I will pick up some pizzas on my way home. I just didn’t want to be alone, I was sad and hurt and mad so I wanted my sister’s company, to get here’s means to get his too so I invited them over. I go to pick up the pizza and my ATM card was not just declined, but it came up as canceled and the pizza guy tried to take it. I begged him not to and I ran to the ATM and got money just fine. I went back and paid. As I was leaving I dropped my drink and it busted all over the ground. Then my sister calls all in a bad mood and cancels dinner cause she “didn’t feel like pizza”. Now I have 2 16 inch pizza’s on my front seat and no one to share them with. We exchanged some words and I ended the call in tears and hanging up on her. Couldn’t get any worse right….Wrong! I go into the house and have to pee really bad so I turn on the oven to heat up and I sit the pizza’s on top of the stove. I run upstairs and go to the bathroom, change my clothes and email my resume to a lady who wants to hire me. I go down stairs not 10 minutes later and I go to put my pizza in the oven, my pizza with the 4 toppings at $1.50 a piece, and I notice that the freaking bastard mice have already eaten a hole in the back of my pizza box! I inspect the top box and it seems fine so with a big knife I open it and all is clear, it seems as if the mouse only bothered the bottom box. So I take the top box and I put it in the fridge, there is no way I want pizza after this. So I am scared that the mouse is still in the bottom box so I open the back door and pitch the whole pizza, box and all into the yard! So then I call and order chicken from Cluck U since it is now like after 7 and I don’t wanna cook. Well my Cluck U gets to my house and I had ordered a 2 piece white meal, then sent me a two piece dark meal. I hate dark meat. I picked at it and ate most the crust, then through that away. So then I decide to get a bath and get into bed and go to sleep and Pete calls when he got off work and I started crying about my suck ass day and he told me to pack a bag and come to his house. I did and stayed there. It was nice to sleep in his arms, but I cried this morning cause I didn’t want to get out of bed and go to work. I should have stayed in bed. Today has sucked already! Good news….I have an interview in the morning! Wish me luck!

Winter Wonderland Winter was kinda late blooming …

Winter Wonderland

Winter was kinda late blooming (so to speak) here in Baltimore. But finally it has hit us good. I love snow. I love watching it, I love playing in it, I love the way it smells. Yes it does so have a smell! Here are some photo’s of my back yard that I took this morning from my Computer Room’s window.

Shannon, Please note that I do have trees up here in the north!