American Idol Top Ten for March 29th Bo Bice – N…

American Idol

Top Ten for March 29th

Bo Bice – Not to impressed. Plus I didn’t care for the song.

Jessica Sierra – Not her absolute best but still OK. I agree with Simon though that there were many better Leann Rimes songs to choose from.

Anwar Robinson – Just okay.

Nadia – Way better then Last week, still not up to the other girls.

Constantine Maroulis – No No I am awake, he didn’t put me to sleep. What on earth did the judges hear that I missed?!

Nikko Smith – Great job! I really like him.

Anthony Federov – UGH! Where did the glasses go?! He is not up tp par with the rest of the Idols and I think he should have left already. Ok Ok I know this is cruel, but when he was singing about taking his breath away I had to giggle. I hate how he is always showing off his hole. V-necks, Unbuttons shirts, low cut shirts! Ugh Put it away already!

Carrie Underwood – LOVED it. But then again, she’s my favorite. She is going to be an amazing COuntry Star with or with out American Idol!

Scott Savol – Ick. I really just don’t like him to much but tonight he sounded pretty good. Usually he always sounds just good enough.

Vonzell Solomon – To take a Pre-Crackhead Whitney song and do it well is hard work and she pulled it off very very well! She was fabulous last night!

My prediction for the bottom three: Anthony, Scott, and maybe Amwar.

My prediction and hope for who goes home: Anthony.

Oh and was it me or did Paula seem a little high tonight? LOL

What are your predictions?