MIA I know I have been gone awhile. On Monday was…


I know I have been gone awhile. On Monday was the 2nd anniversary of the day my Mom passed away. I had a rough week. I am starting to feel better and really looking forward to the long weekend ahead! Pete and I aren’t sure what we want to do. We may go to Jersey to visit his friends, go to Ocean City, or just stay around the house and hang out with a picnic on Sunday! All sound good to me! What are your plans for the long holiday weekend?

Last Night we watched American Idol and I won the bet we had going…Bo or Carrie! Pete stated he will never watch this dumb show again. LOL I am trying to find a way to get him to go see them with me when they go on tour.

The Amish Pete and I are going to have a date atl…

The Amish

Pete and I are going to have a date atleast once a week. There are so many movies we want to see and there is tons we want to do around here. Tonight we are going shopping at the Amish Market. LOOK how cool this place is! We are going to eat there and shop and get lots of goodies. This sunday we are planning on going to the Farmer’s Market here in Baltimore. We have a new Food Saver and deep freezer we are looking to fill up with fresh veggies!

CSI Last night was my Birthday and I was out with…


Last night was my Birthday and I was out with my family celebrating and I missed CSI! If anyone TiVo-ed it or DVR-ed it and would be willing to send me a copy I would be more then happy to pay you for your trouble! Please email me or leave me a comment!

Then & Now Exactly 27 years ago this very insta…

Then & Now

Exactly 27 years ago this very instant a baby was born. A baby who was named after a fish, a fish that belonged to her father, a fish her mother killed by placing in hot water weeks after getting married and moving into her father’s house. The baby was named Lisa! She was born at 10:15am on Friday, May 19th 1978. She weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was such a cute little thing with wild hair even at birth!

I took this picture this morning. It is amazing when you see how people have changed! Tonight we are going to dinner. My Dad is taking me and Laura out for our birthday’s together! At work today we are going to lunch. My pick! I haven’t decided where yet. I love my birthday.

I got my Video Camera from Pete a while ago. This Morning he gave me surround sound speakers for the computer. Sue at work gave me a pretty photo album and a cool make up bag!

Almost my Birthday! Tomorrow I turn 27 years old….

Almost my Birthday!

Tomorrow I turn 27 years old. I am kinda down about my birthday this year. I am trying to stay my normal upbeat self, trying to think of it as my special day, but I feel icky. Yesterday after work I felt all weird, like I didn’t feel good, but couldn’t pin point why. I think it is cause I am am thinking about my Mom. I mean tomorrow is my birthday and I won’t be able to spend it with the person who gave birth to me. I remember a few days before my birthday I would start to ask my Mom What were you doing exactly ___ years ago today? She would always know, and I know cause she told me so many times. I know she stopped work on May 12th and thought she had a month to get ready for me and that low and behold a week later I was ready to be born. I know she went into labor at 7 am and that I was born at 10:15am. I know that my Dad had to get her last paycheck from her work that evening and go pick up my crib with the money. I know how excited she was. I know how when I was born I needed a blood transfusion and my Dad held me in the incubator during this and they didn’t tell my Mom until I was back in the regular nursery. She had told me the story 100 times, but it isn’t the same not having her to ask! One of the last birthday’s I had when she was alive (not the last one, cause she was really sick then) I sent her flowers to work on my Birthday and and they said “Happy BIRTHday, Mom. Thank you for the best gift ever!” It made her so happy. I just wish she was here. So much has happened in the past 2 years that I have needed her for. So much I wish she was there for to hold my hand though. I have made it through all this without her and I know the reason is because she made me so strong when she was here, but just the thought of my Birthday coming and her not being here has me sad. Two years ago my birthday came and she was in and out of conciseness. She wasn’t there to celebrate or to hug me or anything. When my birthday came around last year all I could think about was how the year before she was dying. And now it is here again and that is on my mind. I know she was ready to die and she held out to get past Mother’s day, Laura’s Birthday and my Birthday. I know she didn’t want us to associate her dying with these special days. I wish I could do what I know she wanted! Sorry for such a crappy post, it just all came out…LOL!

Weekend of nothing! Pete and I had a wonderful we…

Weekend of nothing!

Pete and I had a wonderful weekend of togetherness. We slept in, watched movies, cooked good meals. It was wonderful, just the two of us. Sunday we went to see the Amityville Horror Movie and it was wonderfully scarey! I enjoyed being with my boy so much!

Happy Birthday   I wanna wish a very Happy B…

Happy Birthday

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I wanna wish a very Happy Birthday to the best sister in the whole world!  Here are a few pictures of us as little girls, befor we became OLD!  Laura turns 24 (gasp!) today.