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HERBS Pete and I started an Herb garden. I lov…


Pete and I started an Herb garden. I love it. It’s small, cause I didn’t want to take on too much. LOL We have Curley Mint, Rosemary, Something we don’t know, Chives, Oragano and Basil. I water it alot and they are all growing so well. They were all tiny tiny sprouts when we started.

Everyone has a Twin At first glance you see …

Everyone has a Twin

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

At first glance you see two pictures of the same man. Depending on who you are you would think this was either actor James Cromwell or Shannon’s Mom’s boyfriend Hale. Hale is one of the nicest men I have ever met, so funny and such an all around good guy. James Cromwell stars in The Longest Yard as the prison warden. Last night Pete and I went to see The Longest Yard and I was preoccupied as to the look a likeness of Hale and this Actor. I was mesmerized. The Movie was great even is shannon claims it got bad reviews. It was so funny. The funniest Adam Sandler movie since Billy Madison. Anyways look at them! Are they long lost Brothers? I think so. It is scarey! I don’t think I look like anyone, but after seeing this I would love to find my look a like. I am sure she isn’t a movie star so I will probally never find her. DO you look like anyone famous? If so who?

Drive Inn   Saturday Pete and I went to the Dr…

Drive Inn

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Saturday Pete and I went to the Drive In Movies.  We had the most fabulous time.  It is called Bengies Drive in.  Here is the Link.  It is a really nice Drive In.  We seen Madagascar and Batman Returns.  Two movies of fmy Summer Movie list.  It was a cool night and had a gret breeze blowing.  If it wasn’t for the owner’s Natzi like rules the Drive in would be perfect.  He has so many rules, so many regulations.  He also reminds you of these like 100 times over the loud speaker.  But all in all it was wonderful.  We had a super spot too!  I took this picture (illegaly or course) right as the sun was setting. I can’t wait for another cool weekend so we can go again! 

Happy Father’s Day I have a wonderful Dad! He w…

Happy Father’s Day

I have a wonderful Dad! He will always be there for me and my sister. He always has been. He is thoughtful and considerate. He is also a miser who is cheap as all get out! He is fun to be with and we have a great time together, he is also super conservative, no cusing around him. LOL. He hangs out with us not because he is our Dad, but because I think he really likes us. Sure all Dad’s love their kids, but mine really likes us! He still takes us on family vacations. How many Dad’s do that for their 27 and 14 year old kids. In July we are going to Ocean City! I can’t wait.

For Father’s day I cooked a Beer Can Chicken, barbecue Bacon wrapped Shrimp, Stuffing, Squash and Corn on the Cob. Then we watched a movie. Pete cheaned up so my Dad and I could have some time together. My Dad’s gift is a Chartered Fishing Trip. Pete’s Dad is coming down in July and we are all going out on a boat that Pete and I Chartered. Natural Light Charters. I can’t wait! Here is the LINK! How fun does that seem?!

So Many Little Things to Make Up One Post! Yester…

So Many Little Things to Make Up One Post!

  • Yesterday as I was walking into work my Flip Flop broke. The center thing that goes between your toes popped out. So I was bear footed all day! It also made walking to the car a chalenge.
  • Yesterday on the way to work, I thought “Gosh this Tee Shirt is big, maybe my dreams came true and I am shrinking over night”, well then I discoved that it was Pete’sTee Shirt, not mine. LOL
  • Work is driving me nuts. We are so busy. I really wish I could run a Day Care. That would really be my ideal job. Well besides a Stay at Home mom. That is truly what I want. I want it soon too. The baby itch is starting. I don’t know if it is because I am 27 now (OMG!!) or if it is because my two best friends are getting ready to become Mothers. And my Best Bloggy friend just bacame one a few months ago. I have always loved Babies and Kids in general! I think I would be a fabulous Mom!
  • I also want to get married. I love Pete and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know we arn’t ready to get married this week, month or even year, but I still think about it alot. Being Mrs. Pete. I think it would be wonderful! He is a great guy and a great boyfriend. So considerate and thoughtful. Also I am wanting to be a Mom (see above) and I have to be married to do that!
  • I love movies. I have a list I wanna see this summer (so Far) The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Batman Begins, BeWitched, The Perfect Man (seeing it tonight with Lauren), Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Longest Yard and The Honeymooners.

Weekend Report I had such a good weekend. I wish …

Weekend Report

I had such a good weekend. I wish it wasn’t over already! Friday when I got let out of jail (ok ok work), I went to my friends Sherri’s little girl’s soccer game. They lost, but tried really hard. Then Sherri and I went to dinner. It was nice to get to talk to her, I don’t see her much. Then I went home and watched a movie with Pete. He opted out of the soccer game at the last minute. It was over 90 degrees here Friday and he was hot.

Saturday I got to sleep in until 12:00! It was wonderful. When I got up Pete and I had breakfast and hung out most of the afternoon, there were a few movies in there. Then we took showers and got ready to go to happy hour with Laura, Brandon and my Dad. We went to Howl at the Moon and had a fabulous time. Nikki won a free happy hour there, it included free buffet and drinks for .50 cents. We had a really good time. Saturday when we got home (around 9ish) Pete grilled up some Chicken and Potabella Mushrooms while I cleaned our bedroom. It is all nice and sparkly now. I am going to try to keep all the dirty clothes off the floor, which is not and easy feat!

Sunday My sweet boyfriend let me sleep in again. This time until 11:00 am. It was wonderful. I love sleeping. I know what a lazy thing to say, but it is true. Laying in my bed is wonderful! When I got up Pete and I played with the new DVR. It is offered through our cable company. Kinda like fake TiVo. It’s ok. It is no TiVo, but beggars can’t be choosers. It only holds about 35-40 hours of programming. Then at 3:00pm we went to Katelyn and Lauren’s dance recital. It was long….4 hours, but I think even Pete enjoyed it. I love seeing him interact with Katelyn. She really loves him. Most of the recital she sat with us and switched from his lap to mine. At one point she buried her head in his chest. Sooo cute. When it was all said and done, we were standing outside chatting and I said we were leaving. Jodi told Katelyn to give hugs we were leaving and she ran right over to Pete and through her little arms around him. It melted my heart! Sunday night we ordered take out and watched out favorite TV show. Extreme Home Makeover. Everytime I watch it it makes me want the house they built. In all honesty though the house last night is THE HOUSE I want. LOL