Lifetime I have an unhealthy love for lifetime, m…


I have an unhealthy love for lifetime, made for TV movies. I get sucked in and I love them so much. Last night I was watching a good one with Punky Brewster and Emma from Kate and Alley. It was about a pregnant girl from “the wronge side of the tracks” whose boyfriend killed her. God was it good. It doesn’t replace my favorite “15 and Pregnant” staring a young Kirsten Dunst!

Great Weekend Wow Pete and I had a super weekend….

Great Weekend

Wow Pete and I had a super weekend. Friday night we Hung out and then Saturday I made a great breakfast before I went to work for a few hours. I had to get caught up before my Vacation. Saturday evening Lauren had dinner with us and we watched a few movies. On Sunday we had a date. We went to Damonds for lunch then to see the Bad News Bears. It was really cute. After the movie we came home and watched The Princess Dairies and then Extreme Home Makeover. I love that show. It was a relaxing weekend and I loved it.

Work is driving me nuts. I can’t wait for these 3 days off. I am going to miss pete so much though. We haven’t been apart for 2 whole days since he moved in. He is excited about having the bed all to himself. LOL SO funny!

STUFF What a creative title, I know. LOL I am s…


What a creative title, I know. LOL I am so glad this week is almost over. Next week I am going on a mini vacation with my dad and sister. Three days in Ocean City! It will be so wonderful. I wish Pete was going with me. He has to work, but I am going to miss him alot. I can’t wait for a day on the beach. I want to get the new Janet Evanovich Book to read on the beach, huddled under my umbrella. Oh heaven! I can’t wait. Gosh I hope it doesn’t rain.

Pete’s Birthday is August 10th and I have so many good Birthday Idea’s for him. I can’t wait to buy them. I know he may read this site so I can’t fill you all in on them. I will post about it on his birthday.

The week I get home from my trip I have a Job interview, well more like a meeting. There is a company that I have done work for, for 8 years and they have opened up their own title company and they want me to be a processor there. I see more money and being closer to home in my future. I am excited and nervous all at once. I hate new jobs. We will see what they have to offer.

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Pete & Lisa
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Sorry I haven’t been around much. Lots going on! This weekend Pete’s Dad came to visit and cash in on his father’s day gift! My dad and Laura and Brandon and I went along with Pete and his Dad. We chartered a boat and went fishing in the Cheasapeak Bay! Here is a link to all of our pictures.

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Dad & Lisa
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Dad & Lisa

This picture was taken at a cookout we went to on Saturday! I love it. It is me and my Daddy! If you check out the side bar there are a bunch of new pictures from this weekend! I love Flickr!

Funky Toliet

Funky Toliet
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How wierd is this? This is the toliet at the drive in. you have to stradle the long part inbetween your legs and kinda squat. I wouldn’t sit on a public toliet, but what is you slipped, or god forbid had to poo (not that I would do that in public either), but still! EWE!

Happy 4th of July L&P4 Originally uploade…

Happy 4th of July

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Here is a picture of Pete and I. We were at Mr. John’s watching a great fireworks show on the water. We had such a good time. The weekend really passed us by way to fast. We had such a great one. On Friday we went to dinner at Cheeseburger in paradise. I had the best Black Berry Margarita! OMG was it good. Saturday we went to a Cook out with friends of Pete’s and then I went to Jodi’s and we planned some Disney stuff. I didn’t get home until 3 am! Sunday we hung out until it was time to go to Mr. John’s. Tonight we are heading to UMBC to watch fireworks with Jodi and the kids! What a wonderful weekend!