Shower Gifts In this picture you can see the Qu…

Shower Gifts

In this picture you can see the Quilt I had made for Nikki. You can also see the Lightswitch Plate and the Picture and also hooks. Nikki took this picture so I thought I would share it!

Almost Here Nikki’s Baby Shower was yesterday….

Almost Here

Nikki’s Baby Shower was yesterday. It turned out so nicely. She got tons of great gifts and everyone had a fabulous time. She has had an ideal pregnancy with no issues at all. I pray that one day I am that lucky. I am so excited about this baby. I gave her the best gifts (of course!). I bought the Baby’s Crib and Matress and I gave her 7 outfits, 5 hats, A Strawberry shaped teething ring, strawberry hooks for the nursery wall, a Strawberry Anne Geddes Picture, a Strawberry light switch plate, Strawberry Pajamas, and finally the best gift…I had bought fabric to have a guilt made (Strawberries of course), it was pink with embroidered Strawberries and vines, very delicate looking. I found a lady in Oregon online and shipped her the fabric. Well in 4 days she made me the prettiest quilt and curtains and a pillow sham. It turned out so pretty. I forgot to take a picture but I will get one of the baby’s room when it is all done. Now I am just sitting and waiting for the call to go running to the Hospital. She is due in October, but we thin the dates are wrong and the baby will come in September. I am hoping for my Mom’s Birthday. My mom loved Nikki like her own and I know she would be more then overjoyed about this baby! There is nothing my Mom loved more then Babies. I am just so sad she never got to be a Grandmom and never got to meet my future Children.

Dakoda and Crystal came to the shower. He is such a cutie! Just one year ago I was at Crystal’s shower. Now here is this little boy who is 10 months old and not only walks, but attempts to jump and isn’t too bad and running! He says a handful of words and makes car sounds (zoom zoom) and some animal sounds. He is so smart, and I think he loves me!

I love babies so much. On Friday I was talking to Pete about babies and said I would like to have 5! He laughed at me and said I no way! Then on Saturday we were at Jodi’s Cookout and I had Katelyn in my lap and we were playing with her magnadoodle and Jodi’s sister in law was saying what a great Mom I will someday be. She said I can see you with like five kids running around! She got my number right on! Pete laughed and sad two maybe three. Hmmm seems I need to work on him some. LOL. Also at the cookout, Katelyn who still is in love with Pete, was writing messages to him on the magnadoodle. She wrote “I (heart) U” , He answered with “Katelyn is very special” her response was “U R 2″ How sweet. She is only 5 and is making up sentences you would find online with abbreviations” She is a smart one!

Still Most Wanted Last night I went to see Hila…

Still Most Wanted

Last night I went to see Hilary Duff in concert. LOL I know I know. Lauren asked me to take her. We had a really good time. I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised! She put on a really good show. There were lasers and special effects. It was at the 1st Mariner Arena, it’s a medium sized Arena, not tiny, but not huge. It was PACKED! I have never been around so many 6-14 year old girls in my life. LOL Wow pre teen girls can squeal loud! I also have never seen so many glow sticks in one place. So cute. I did see a bunch of people I knew there though. I think concerts are fun and it’s neat to see how many little girls are interested in them. It was also cool to see tons of 10 year olds there with their Mom’s dancing and singing and still thinking their Mom’s are cool. You don’t become embarrassed of your Mom until atleast 12 years old. I think Hilary Duff is a really good role model for these little girls. She is sweet and her lyrics are fun and without curse words. She is just a teenager and wants to stay that way. She did a song called “I AM” and the words were something like “I am Special, I am Beautiful, I am Wonderful, I’m Powerful, Unstoppable, Sometimes I’m Miserable, sometimes I’m Pitiful, but that’s so typical of all the things I am. It was all about self esteem and loving yourself. One part says I am Perfect sometimes I am a Mess. Such a good song, go look it up. I really liked it! Lauren had a really good time at the concert too! I am glad I got to take her!

Party On Well Maryland got one school in there! …

Party On

Well Maryland got one school in there!

As seen on CNN’s Website.

The Princeton Review’s top party schools:
1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. Ohio University-Athens
3. Lehigh University
4. University of California-Santa Barbara
5. State University of New York at Albany
6. Indiana University-Bloomington
7. University of Mississippi
8. University of Iowa
9. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
10. Loyola University New Orleans
11. Tulane University
12. University of Georgia
13. Penn State University
14. West Virginia University
15. The University of Texas-Austin
16. University of Tennessee-Knoxville
17. University of New Hampshire
18. University of Florida
19. Louisiana State University
20. University of Maryland-College Park

Where…. did summer go? I can’t believe it is …


did summer go?

I can’t believe it is almost over. I am closer to my January Disney Vacation though! I can’t wait. Oh and in other news, I have a Job Interview tommorrow night at 6:00pm. Wish me luck!

I have so much to post and so little time! I wann…

I have so much to post and so little time!

I wanna wish Rachel a Happy Belated Birthday, welcome to the world of old.

Friday Pete and I went to New Jersey to visit with his friends. They had a huge cook out and we had a lot of fun. One of Pete’s friends, who I guess is now my friend has PCOS and she just found out she likely has cancer of her Ovaries. This hits close to my heart because my Bestest Buddy has PCOS. K really likes being able to talk to me about it. She likes not having to teach me about her problems before she can talk to me about them. I did more research then you can even imagine when Shannon was going through it all. I am very well versed in problems of the female reproductive system and an avid supporter of adoption. K and I had quite a few long talks this weekend.

Monday I decided I needed a new job NOW! I sent out resumes and got lots of responses. Hopefully I will have some interviews squared away by the end of the week.

This weekend is as busy as busy weekends can get. On Friday I have some last minute shopping to do for Nikki’s baby shower, which is on Sunday. Then Saturday Nikki and I are going to get our toes done. Saturday afternoon Jodi is having a cook out, followed by the Hillary Duff Concert on Saturday Night. I am not a huge Hillary Duff fan, but Lauren wanted to go really bad. Apparently concerts are the “in” thing for middle schooler’s this summer! Sunday is Nikki’s shower. I got her awesome gifts. I can’t wait til she opens them up! I also can’t wait until Ryleah is here…come on October 17th!

So Long Sorry it has been sooo long since I last …

So Long

Sorry it has been sooo long since I last posted. I am becoming a weekly poster instead of a daily one. I have just been so busy at work and at home I forget. I always think oh what a great topic I will Blog about that tomorrow and it just never happends! So anyways….Shannon should be getting her birthday gift today. I am excited and I hope she Lurves it so much!

I am excited because as you can see from my left side bar I am going to Walt Disney World. I am going on January 6th and I am sooo excited! I can’t wait! It is going to be fabulous!!! The only thing that could or would make it better was if Pete was going too. He doesn’t want to go and it makes me so sad. He doesn’t want to share my favorite place in the whole world with me. I love Disney with an unhealthy passion. I could vacation there time and time again and never get bored. I went the first time when I was 3 then didn’t go again until I was 17 or so with my Dad and sister. Then I went when I was 20 with my dad and sister. I was so in love with it! I had the fever! Mouse Fever! LOL When I was 23 in 2002 I went with my Sister and my friend Nikki and her God Daughter. It was in January and sometimes almost cold. That is truly the best time to go to WDW. All the kids just start back to school and then there is a drop in attendance. In 2004 I went again in January. This January, 2006 I am going with Jodi and her husband and the kids. Lauren (13), Katelyn (5) and Ricky (4), and Jodi’s Mom is also going. The kids have never been and I can’t wait to see it all through their eyes. To a 4 year old, meeting Peter Pan is REALLY meeting Peter Pan. It is Peter not some guy in tights. It is going to be just wonderful. We are going for 10 days and 9 nights. Ekkk! That is the longest I have ever been. We are staying on site of course. I have been making plans and reading up on things. I can’t wait. I added a count down clock and I watch it tick by the time every day!