I am in Love

I am in Love

Look at her! She is just so precious! I love her so much! Tonight I went to the Hospital around 6 and got home at 11:45. I am getting ready to go to sleep, but I wanted to post some pictures of the cutest baby I have ever seen. She is so sweet and so stubborn. She kicked off the blanket every chance she could get. She has some big feet and a cute chin dimple (like Nikki) and a cheek dimple (like Jason). Jason left to go home and it was just us girls at the hospital. Me Nikki and Ryleah. I loved holding her. She was just so perfect! See for yourself:

2 Responses to “I am in Love”

  1. 2 Years……WOW! « Life, Love & Craziness Says:

    […] Ryleah turns 2 years old!  I can remember holding her for the first time like it was yesterday and now she is such a little girl, not so much a baby!  She is the sweetiest […]

  2. Visitor538 Says:

    I have visited your site 568-times

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