Mr. Incredible Last night when pete was getting …

Mr. Incredible

Last night when pete was getting out of the car Katelyn asked for a Huggie and Kissie and he had to squeeze into the back to hug and kiss her goodbye and he get out and she giggled and told him he looks just just Mr. Incredible when he gets out of the car. She said they even have the same hair. LOL

Baby Last night Katelyn and I went to visit Nikki…


Last night Katelyn and I went to visit Nikki and Ryleah. Katelyn is in love with all things baby.

We had a fun time. Katelyn told me that she knew how to hold babies and she wondered if Nikki would let her hold Ryleah. I told her she had to ask and she informed me that everyone lets her hold thier babies cause she is really good at it.

After all the baby holding we went to get my nails done. Then we went to Target to get Katelyn new slipper for “Pajama Day” at school today. We got caught in a downpour and we both ended up soaked! We had a fun evening. On the way home she asked me when I was going to get my baby. I told her after I was married. She said well DUH, arnt you and Pete married, he does live at your house. I told her nope we weren’t, not yet. She asked me if I wanted to marry him and I said yeah. She said good then we can get a baby and she can babysit for me. LOL She told me Pete will be a good Daddy cause he is big and tall and can reach things up high, plus he is fun. LOL I am so glad she likes him so much. She told me the other day she loves him as much as she loves me.

My Sister My sister is one of my best friends. S…

My Sister

My sister is one of my best friends. She can be the biggest bitch one minute, but that unconditional love just comes through and we are fine again. I think that is something that siblings have. I can’t imagine Laura ever doing anything to make me hate her for more then a day or two. I think the same goes for her with me also. I remember when my mom told me I was getting a sister. I was so excited. She was going to be my baby. I have tried my best to take care of her and look after her. I know sometimes I go to far, but I made a promise to my Mom too always look out for her and I try my best at it. Laura is getting married on April 1st. I am so excited for her. We have so much to do still. She isn’t always on the ball like she should be. Then we had a minor set back, now all that is cleared and soon as I get home from my trip we have to move at full steam ahead and get this stuff DONE! These are two of the dresses we like for the bridesmaids.

This one used to be my favorite.

Now I am liking this one a lot.

I love the dress Laura picked out for herself. I can’t post it cause she is keeping it a secret! She looks like a model in it. It is made for her! She takes my breath away when I see her in it.

Laura has been cleaning stuff out of my house, which I am so grateful for. She has her new big house to fill up, and since mine is overfilled it will be nice to have some room so Pete can spread out!

Here are some cute kid pictures of us for you to check out!

Weekend over already! I had a great Thanksgiving …

Weekend over already!

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was a bit too many dishes and a lot of cooking and a lot of leftovers too! We had out of town guest and it was fun entertaining. The boys drank so much beer this weekend it is surprising they didn’t float away. But hey they don’t get together nearly as much as they would like so I guess they were making up for lost time. I cooked on Saturday from 8:30 am, starting off with homemade blueberry muffins til 4pm, finishing up the rolls about 10 minutes into dinner. We had Broccoli Casserole, Ham, Turkey, Lisanne’s Grandma’s Mashed Potatoes, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Green beans, Mac & Cheese, Cucumber Salad, Dressing and Cranberries. Boy was I tired when I was done! I missed my mom, but know she would have been so proud of me to have carried out the tradition of making too much food for family and good friends.

Pete and I made plans to spend New Years with his good friends Edwin and Kim. I love these friends. They are my favorites. They are the greatest people! I agreed to go to NJ to spend New Years, but I did leave the loophole that I at anytime can change my mind and head down south if a certain friend of mine gives me the call. (Wink Wink)

Speaking of the south….4 days until I am in the Carolinas. I am so excited. I can’t wait. I really can’t wait! It will be sooo good to see Shannon and Jon again! I can’t believe it has been over 5 months since they were here visiting. Shannon has good stuff planned for us and we are going to exchange Christmas gifts while I am down there. Wow another 4 day weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving This is a picture of my Mom …

Happy Thanksgiving

This is a picture of my Mom and me. It was taken in 2002. This is the last Thanksgiving that I got to share with my mom. Last night I broke down and cried some, but today I feel a bit better. I am not cooking dinner tonight, we are not going anywhere for dinner either. I think Pete and I are going to go to the Movies, maybe even do a double feature! This morning my Dad and Brandon and Ms. Joyce are coming over and Pete and I are going to cook up a breakfast fit for a king. We are making Bacon, Scrapple, Omelets, Fried Potatoes, Muffins, Bagels. We are having Thanksgiving Breakfast. Laura is on Duty today at the firehouse and my Dad is working at the airport. We were invited at least 4 different places for dinner, but honestly if I am not cooking I just don’t want to bother. I mean I love the people who invited me, but a quiet day with just us will be good. Tomorrow Pete’s best friend and his wife are coming to visit us. It will be nice to see them. On Saturday I am cooking our Thanksgiving Dinner. Ham, Turkey, Stuffing, Casseroles, the works. There will be eight of us for dinner. Me, Laura, my Dad, Brandon, Rick, Erica, Pete and Lauren. She likes having Thanksgiving here, “Where is should be”. Her whole life she has had it here, and she enjoys it so much. She is going to help me cook! This last picture is a picture of my Mom and my uncle and Mr. John. It was taken Thanksgiving 2000. My mom loved Thanksgiving. It was her favorite Holiday, she got to cook and take care of those she loved most! I remember her staying up to make 10 Pumpkin Pies the day before so everyone (we had about 25 people) could take a pie home from dinner. No one ever left empty handed!

Happy Birthday Today 13 years ago Lauren was bo…

Happy Birthday

Today 13 years ago Lauren was born. She has been the Apple of my eye since she was conceived! Her Mom, my friend Jodi was/is like the older sister I never had. My mom became friends with her in an odd way, Jodi used to work at the Deli where my mom bought sodas everyday. Jodi’s Grandmother lived next door to the deli and her Mom had to stay with her grandmother most nights. Jodi was in High school and lived very far away so she stayed with us a lot. After high school she went to College and stayed with us 4 out of 7 seven nights. Jodi was 19 when she found out she was pregnant, It was April or May. I was so excited I used to lay in bed with my hand on her belly and talk to Lauren. I KNEW she was a girl and I KNEW she would love me best. Well she turned out to be a girl and guess who she loves best….ME. Her first sentence was “I Love Lisie Best”. I have been a big part in her life. I was there to help bring her home from the hospital. Her first Thanksgiving was 4 days later and I sat in the Living room holding her all during dinner, I didn’t eat a thing. I was her permanent Babysitter. I would go to Jodi’s Apartment on the weekends so Jodi could go out with her friends while I would stay home with Lauren. I watched her the first two summers of her life all day a few days a week. Even now if Jodi is going out Lauren always tells her to call me, and not Mom-Mom. Jodi only leaves the kids with me or her Mom. I remember Jodi went into Labor on Saturday November 21, 1992. I sat there with my stop watch and timed contractions all day. We watch the movie “The Cutting Edge”. I can see us sitting in the living room, like it was yesterday. Sometime in the middle of the Night Jodi couldn’t wait any longer and she got up and went to take a shower and shave her legs. Her mom picked her up a short while later. On Sunday November 22, 1992 I was a crossed the Street from the Hospital at a school function and I think I called the Hospital at least 10 times that day. I was so excited when I got Jodi on the phone and she told me Lauren was here and was perfect! She was the prettiest baby I have ever seen! Happy Birthday Lauren!

LOVE IT How can you see this Coach Bag and not …


How can you see this Coach Bag and not love it to death! Here is the web site. Why does coach have to make such wonderful purses? Why can’t I have lots of money so I can afford them all?