Happy New Year I want to wish everyone a very hap…

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year! I am not going to be near the computer for the next fe days because Pete and I are going to New Jersey to Spend New Year’s eve with his good friends.

My Space I have had a My Space account for a week…

My Space

I have had a My Space account for a week or two now and I love it. Does any one else have one? If so add me as your friend. Here is the Link to my personal My Space. I have connected with a few people from my past, it’s pretty cool. If you don’t have one go and sign up now!

Christmas Recap We had a wonderful Christmas. It…

Christmas Recap

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was full of presents and fun and family! Pete loved his iPod and Laura really liked her Shot dispenser and Dad laughed when he opened his Head light. It was great all around. I hit the motherload with all of my wonderful gifts. My family is just too generous. They really got me things I loved. I got a New Digital Camera, and it’s 8.o megapixal.

I also got Fantasy Perfume; A 20 questions game; bath poofs; Bath goodies; Photoshop; the cord to connect my video camera to the computer; Earings; a Watch; Disney Dollars for Disney World; A Chia Head; Socks; a radio; a Fondu Pot; more socks; a purse; a make up bag; a travel bag filled with goodies; a razor; a Minnie Mouse doll; some CD’s; a Crystal Candle Hurricane holder; a Cinderella tote bag; a bunch of gift cards for Walmart, Target, Outback, Green House Grill; a furry Purple Blanket, and I am sure a few things I forgot to mention. Here & Here are some pictures from Christmas!

It was truly a great great Christmas! How was yours?

Merry Christmas I hope you all have a Great Holid…

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a Great Holiday!

Oh Christmas Tree Since I haven’t been feeling …

Oh Christmas Tree

Since I haven’t been feeling much in the Christmas Spirit this year I decided there wasn’t going to be Christmas decorations all over my house. I didn’t take my tree down until Easter last year so I didn’t want it hanging around again. I am going away in January and I didn’t want it to be left up until I got back.

Well…….Pete came to me the other day and he suggested moving stuff around so I could have a Christmas tree. He knew I wouldn’t be happy with out one. He is so sweet! He knows me so well! I readily agreed and on Tuesday night we moved the end table and lamp upstairs and we rearranged the subwoofer and the CD’s to make room for my Christmas Tree. Then I set up my White Christmas Tree complete with Purple and White lights.

Last night I finished cleaning in the family room and hung the last of the ornaments up. Then I decided I couldn’t stop there and I went and got the mantle decorations and a some of my other “Purple and Silver and sparkling” Decorations. I spent most of last night (in between laundry) decorating and making our family room sparkle in the Christmas Spirit. It looks so wonderful in there.

Pete isn’t a fan of the White Tree, he says it looks sterile and unfamily like. To me it represents me. It is filled with decorations and ornaments that I have spent years collecting. I love it so much!

101.7 That is what my tempature was at last check…


That is what my tempature was at last check. I think I am dying. I have been so sick the past few days. I am going to try to go to work tommorrow. I hope I can. I can’t miss anymore work, I have my Vacation so close! I am so excited, I can’t wait!

Re-Visit Last night I went to the Dentist. I lov…


Last night I went to the Dentist. I love going to the Dentist and have always loved it. I have never had any teeth problems, no braces, no retainers, no crowns, caps, root canals, Only one filling. I am sure I would feel differently if I have a mouth full of Dental work.

When I was 2 or 3 my Dad started taking me to the Dentist. Dr. Imbach. I went to him for about 10 years or so and then my Mom got Dental insurance and my sister, Mom and I started going to Dr. Gandel. Then a few years later when I had my own Dental Coverage my Mom’s changed and Laura went back to Dr. Imbach.

Last night with my new insurance I was able to go back to Dr. Imbach. It was so weird walking into the Dentist Office. Nothing had changed. It was like I walked back into time. The Yellow and Orange 70’s Magazine Rack was still there. The old Dental Chairs. All very odd. My dentist inbetween was all ultra modern. Dr. Imbach’s office was not! But I got a clean dental bill of health and no cavities! It was odd being in there without my Dad. The dentist always had evening hours and we were always the last ones there so my Dad would sit in the room with us. I sat there last night and looked at the extra seat in the room and almost expected to see my Dad there. LOL The Dentist asked if I had brought him and I said Nah I could come alone now and he told me within the last two years Laura had started coming alone (She is in her 20’s!), but Miss Joyce still needed Dad to hold her hand.

Funny Pete sent this to me the other day….How f…


Pete sent this to me the other day….How funny!

AT last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys side of the story.

We always hear “The Rules” from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note… these are all numbered “1” ON PURPOSE!

1. Learn to work the toilet seat You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

1. Sunday sports. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.

1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

1. Crying is blackmail.

1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!

1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.

1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That’s what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.

1. If you won’t dress like the Victoria’s Secret girls, don’t expect us to act like soap opera guys.

1. If you think you’re fat, you probably are. Don’t ask us.

1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.

1. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.

1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials

1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we.

1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have NO Idea what mauve is.

1. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.

1. If we ask what is wrong and you say “nothing”, we will act like nothing’s wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.

1. If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear.

1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine …. Really.

1. Don’t ask us what we’re thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as sports, the weather, or hunting.

1. You have enough clothes.

1. You have too many shoes

1. I am in shape. Round is a shape.

1. Thank you for reading this. Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight; but did you know men really don’t mind that? It’s like camping.

Address Labels These are the address labels. I…

Address Labels

These are the address labels. I ordered them through VistaPrint. They are so fast. I ordered them on the 8th and they have already shipped out. So it’s not too late for those Holiday Cards! Use the LINK to get money off your order. They have a great refer a friend program!

Merry Christmas Cards This weekend I am going to …

Merry Christmas Cards

This weekend I am going to be writing out my Christmas Cards. If you want to exchange, drop me an email or leave me a comment. I love Christmas Cards!!!

Weekend Recap! I am home safe and sound from the …

Weekend Recap!

I am home safe and sound from the south. Talk about a fun time. I had a blast. Shannon is just the best. I love her so much! Thank god for the power of the internet! The only downfall was there wasn’t enough time. We did so much. We ate at Red Bowl twice, Courtney’s, Shealy’s, Sara’s, Sonic, BoJangles, Pilafinos (or somethinglike that). We visited tons of towns, Lots of family and friends, oh and a camel. We got tatoos (Pictures Here), we shopped, we napped, we watched TV, we exchanged Christmas Gifts, we blew things up! All in all a wonderful time!!!!

Lawless South Well I made it here to the Carolina…

Lawless South

Well I made it here to the Carolinas safe and sound. It was an uneventful flight and so much faster then driving 10 hours. You can’t beat that Air Tran price of $59 each way. We couldn’t have drove for that price with the cost of gas these days (which I must say is coming down nicely). Friday I woke up a nervous ball of jello. Shannon and I had decided to give each other the gift of tattoos for Christmas. Yes you heard me tattoos. I know I have completely lost my mind. I have thrown around the idea of a tattoo for years, but have never had the balls to up and do it. Well what a better Christmas gift then Ladybug tattoos. Shannon made us appointments at Fu’s tattoos. When we got there the artist David drew us some designs. I chickened out on a big masterpiece an chose two cute little Ladybugs, in pink! One is Me and one is Shannon. They will be on my foot forever. I know I am nuts. I am so worried my Dad is going to kill me. Sure my sister has a whole scene on her back, almost as big as the side of a decorated van, but I still know he is going to flip out. Shannon on the other hand was feeling brave (or insane) and went for 3 ladybugs crawling on bamboo with a leaf. I went first thanks to Pete’s suggestion, and a good thing I did too. Shannon yelled and screamed and thrashed around like a banshee. There is no way in hell would have gotten my tattoo had she had gone first! It hurt like hell and I squeezed Pete’s hand and made a few choice faces, but I did not yell and scream. That tattoo place was all modern and clean lines, one artist was burning incense and they played music and then you have Shannon yelling JIMMINY CHRISTMAS! And a few other Non Curse, curse words. She even bit Pete when he took over the hand holding for me! LOL Here are some pictures!

12 Hours and Counting……. It is almost 8:00am …

12 Hours and Counting…….

It is almost 8:00am and I am already at work. Usually I am not even out of my house yet and here I sit at work. YUK! I came in a hour early so I could get off an hour early. I have to rush home and finish up my packing. I didn’t get it all done last night because I got pre-occupied. Then I had a load of clothes to still wash. They are drying now so I can pack when I get home! My Dad is coming at 5:00pm to pick Pete and I up. I am so excited! In just 12 ours I will be touching down in the south. I can’t wait to see Shannon and Jon. We are going to have such a good time. She has planned an action packed weekend for us. She is the best hostess.