Cars Well my Poor Purple Car isn’t dead after all…


Well my Poor Purple Car isn’t dead after all. She was Dead on Monday Morning, and after a trip to the car hospital she is better then new! Pete and I have decided to get rid of his car and buy a new one together. Most places we go we are together. Pete hates to drive and doesn’t know his way around as well as I do so I am the primary driver. Which is more then fine cause I like to drive. So we are going to pass my car to him and I will primarily drive the new one. I am excited. It will be 8 years in February since I have had a new car. She is 8 years old and still going, so I can’t complain. I will miss not having a car payment, it has been 3 years since I have had one. But together it won’t be horrible. We are looking Toyodas, Hyondais, and Kais. These are all non American made cars. They have great warranties, and the quality can not be beat. My Dad is helping us look and told me a funny story yesterday. GM and Ford have gone to the government asking for assistance for their retirement plans and all and Mr. Bush’s answer to them was make cars people want to buy and you won’t have a problem. I agree. I have a GM now and while nice, the new GM’s don’t compare to the new offers from the other companies!

So Bad I am soo bad. I didn’t do anything th…

So Bad

I am soo bad. I didn’t do anything this weekend that I was supposed to do. I didn’t write my trip reports from Disney, I didn’t wash clothes, I didn’t clean. I didn’t take down my Christmas Tree! My house is such a wreck. Wanna know what I did do? Well Pete and I took a spur of the moment trip to Ocean City. The weather was great, so we jumped into the car drove to the easternmost shore of Maryland to the beach. We had a wonderful time, spent way too much money and came home to all of the things that still needed to be done!

This is us on the boardwalk….UGH No Make up! We seen lots of interesting things on the board walk. We seen the older brother Anthony from the TV Show Blossom. We seen an old white man and a teenage Asian boy (think 16 candles) and the old man was showing the kid how to take a picture with a 20 year old 35mm camera. We saw a guy who kept saying “Wow so this is the Atlantic”. We seen ladies stuck in 1984 in both clothes and make up and a little boy holding his back cause it hurt(Pete wanted to help him so bad). Just to mention a few!

This Picture is for Miss Shannon, just to prove that we here in Maryland also have Farms, Beaches, Cities and Mountains. This takes care of the Farms, the above will handle the beach, you have been to the city, so all that remains is the mountains!

New Job Before Vacation I went on another Job Int…

New Job

Before Vacation I went on another Job Interview. I am so unhappy at my current job, but after 9 interviews and 7 offers I finally found the one that sounds the best to me! I am excited! I Start February 1! It is closer to home, more money and better benefits! My main goal for 2006 was to get a new job well looks like now I have 11 months to coast by! LOL

Home Sweet Home I am home and still tired out fro…

Home Sweet Home

I am home and still tired out from our trip. I will be posting a trip report (reports) in the next few days. I have tons of clothes to wash, rooms to clean, naps to take! LOL Hopefuly I will be back on track soon!

Disney World

Disney World

Hey everybody, Disney World is so much fun!!! This is Laura but I talked to Lisa today and she wanted me to tell everybody she’s having a great time and doesn’t want to come back!! She asked me to post for her today just to give you all a little update. Here are some pictures that WDW has taken and posted online for friends/family to look at. Check them out! (It will take a minute or two to load because there are over 100 pictures)

BYE BYE I am outta here….. will see you all in…


I am outta here….. will see you all in about 10 days, give or take. I may stumble across a computer in a business center part way through the trip, but who knows. It is 4am…..I don’t think I have ever posted at 4 am!!!! I will be back with full trip reports and about a million Pictures come January 16! WDW here I come!

Last Night Last night I got new Shoes, New Jeans …

Last Night

Last night I got new Shoes, New Jeans and all my toliettreis. As you can see by my counter I am less then a day away from the mouse! I am soooo excited! I can not wait. Last Night my friend Crystal and I went to dinner at a place that her EX works at. I convinced her to leave him a note and I feel a bit of a love connection stirring up. We had a great time giggling like school girls! I had seen him in there a while ago and then we planned and plotted to go back and to get into his section! God I am good! This would be such a great thing for her!