So Sad

So Sad

Last night we went to visit my Uncle. He is dying. It is so sad. He is the sickest looking person I have ever seen, and that includes my mom the day she died. It broke my heart. I wanted to cry. My cousin was there and she is only 14 and is holding up surprisingly well. I hope for a miracle. I hope he pulls through. On Saturday they told my aunt there was nothing else they could do, that he was going to die. Then yesterday they came to her and said that they were going to give everything one more shot. They gave him platelets while we were there last night and are hooking him up to dialysis. They started a new round of steroids and antibiotics yesterday too. It doesn’t look good though! He has PCP, it is a condition that a lot of AIDS patients get. He got it because of the Wegener’s that he has. It is an immune disease. God I pray for a miracle!


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