BGE Baltimore is set to get a 70% gas & Electric …


Baltimore is set to get a 70% gas & Electric bill increase this summer. I know it’s crazy. If you live in Baltimore I have something for you……BGE is currently giving away Energy Saving Kits that include energy saving shower heads, light bulbs, weather stripping, tape and something for your electrical outlets. Right now they are free but will be $15.00 after the promotion. You can call and order one at 410-685-0123. Press prompts 1, 2 & 7. And then tell them you are calling to inquire about the Energy Saving Kits.

You needed to contact BGE by this Friday or you will have to pay for them, as much as we are paying get it free!!!!

It is really quick, only two minute phone call that can help conserve energy and help with your BGE bill.

Don’t We Make Beautiful Children Together?

Don’t We Make Beautiful Children Together?

Last night Pete and I had a “Date”. We try to do this every other week or so. Last night we went to Dave & Buster’s, then we went to the worst movie ever made. After we ate at Dave & Buster’s we played in the arcade. While he was beating me at air hockey I smiled all big at him and told him he has fulfilled one of my dream dates. LOL When I was little The Karate Kid was one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched it over and over. My favorite part was when Danielson and Ali went to the arcade and I always dreamed of going on a date at the arcade. LOL We spotted this booth that will take your pictures and create you future child. We did it twice, once for a son and once for a daughter. Our son is cuter, I think he got my chin and my cheeks! It will be neat to hold on to these pictures and see if our future kids resemble them!

After dinner and playing we went to see Silent Hill…..Run, do not walk away from this movie, don’t pay to see it, don’t rent it, don’t netflix it, don’t even watch it on a free preview weekend of HBO! Every seat in the theatre was sold and we were trapped in the middle of the row or we would have left. Everyone around us was talking about how awful it was. I can’t think of a movie I hated more……EVER!

Weirdo I’ve been tagged by Shannon to list 6 wei…


I’ve been tagged by Shannon to list 6 weird things about me.

1. There are certain words I just hate for no reason, for example: Silo, Synergy, Moist, fiancee…..The list goes on and on.

2. When I am cooking or preparing things in the kitchen I like to put away each ingredients as I use it.

3. I count the steps as I walk up the steps everytime. there are 14 in my house and 26 here at work. I just do it, I can’t stop myself!

4. I am 27 (almost 28) and there is no place I would rather vacation then Walt Disney World.

5. I talk in my sleep, I will have a full conversation and not remember any of it come the morning.

6. I have a hard time driving in the car with out someone to talk to, thank god for Cell Phones!

Now who should I tag……I tag, Susan, Margie, Lisanne, & Bethanie

This is soo sad, and so sweet all at the same time…

This is soo sad, and so sweet all at the same time! It really made me sad thinking about how wonderful Laura’s wedding was. Katie, this bride has so much strength! here is a link to her website.

Maine Squeeze This fall in either late September …

Maine Squeeze

This fall in either late September or October, Pete and I are planning a trip to Maine. Neither one of us have ever been there and we were thinking it would be a great getaway. Pete has his board test September 15-17. I was thinking sometime after his test would be a nice break for him, it would be a nice break to get away and not be studying. So this is where I need everyone’s help. Since we have never been we were wondering what areas would be good to visit. I think we will probally stay in a Bed & Breakfast. We plan to fly to Maine then rent a car. This way we wouldn’t be wasting a whole day or two driving. Does anyone know of any good Bed & Breakfast places, or of any areas. We want to be near lobsters opps I mean water.

All Aboard Yesterday during my laying on the sofa…

All Aboard

Yesterday during my laying on the sofa time I watched a special on HBO about Rosie O’Donnell’s Family Cruise. What a wonderful thing. It was 1.5 hours long and it showed this cruise that Rosie had arranged for gay Familes. It was so nice to see all of these families having a great time with out having them feel unwanted or different. They interviewed teenagers about their family’s and how being in a gay family affected them. They showed this one family with two dads and FIVE children. The men got married on the ship and the kids were so excited that their dad’s were now married. I think it is crazy that same sex couples can not get married. There were five hundred families on the ship. 500 committed couples that are not allowed to share in the same benefits that opposite couples can share, like health insurance, protection if one passes away or both being legal parents. Some states won’t allow you to adopt if you are a same sex couple. I think there are thousands of children who need homes in this world and thousands of families that want them, I think that for some government guy in a suit in Washington to decide that these people shouldn’t be a family is crazy! Just watching this you could see so much love! These moms and dads were so devoted to their kids. If you get a chance to catch this on HBO check it out. It was really a good show! Oh and one funny thing, I was looking it up online to get a link and I found a story about these two women who always wanted to cruise, but were fat and didn’t want to be made fun of or galked at while at the beach or pool, so then pretended to be lesbians and went on the cruise. Well half was through it they came up to Rosie and told her they were straight and their reason for cruising with her and they told Rosie next year they will be back with their husbands and kids.

Easter Goodies The Easter Bunny was very good to …

Easter Goodies

The Easter Bunny was very good to me. I got a great basket from my sister, even though we agreed to no Easter stuff this year. She doesn’t listen!

Ani send out another wonderful Easter goodie mailing. She is so fabulous. I loved the little EGG shaped dish. I put it next to my sink for my rings while doing dishes, it was evenmy FAVORITE color! There was candy and a few other goodies (like socks). I wish I had the resourses to send out care packages like this to family and friends. What a wonderful surprise to open your mail box and find it full of goodies!

Happy Easter Wow what a nice quiet weekend I have…

Happy Easter

Wow what a nice quiet weekend I have had. Saturday I dyed Easter Eggs with Katelyn and then took a 3 hour drive to pick up Lauren from a friend’s house. We had a great lunch at a little place called Baugher’s. Just us girls. We hung out until around 6:30 or so, then I went home and my brother-in-Law came over for dinner and we talked about our plans for the next day. We decided to have our semi traditional Holiday Breakfast. Brandon has fallen right into the groove of me being the “mom”. He loves me cooking for him as much as my sister does. LOL So today Laura and him were both supposed to get off work at 7:00am, at 7:05 he called and said that the police department was making him stay over for 4 hours. That was GREAT! Laura and I ran up and got in my bed and slept til 11:00am. Then we had a great breakfast. After that they went home to sleep and I went to the graveyard. Last night for Easter dinner my Dad, Laura and I went out for steamed crabs. We had a great time! All in all it was a great Easter!

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Stranded at the Drive – In Ok not Stranded, but…

Stranded at the Drive – In

Ok not Stranded, but I love that song from grease, which is one of my favorite movies. Tonight I am taking 3 little girls to the drive in. Katelyn, Tabitha and Sabrina. We are going to see Ice Age 2, I am hoping they fall asleep so I can stay for Scary Movie 4. Pete is going to New Jersey to help pack up his parents and his sister, so I am on my own this weekend. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a Friday night then with 3 of my favorite little girls. Yesterday Pete and I were talking about saving money and what we want to spend our saved money on(a wedding??)and all and he said I would have more if I didn’t always want to spend what i have on other people’s kids. I told him if we could hurry up and have our own I wouldn’t need to spend so much on others. LOL he was just kidding of course cause he is the first to pick up something in the store for one of the kids. I do enjoy spending time with them. I love conversations with five year olds. You can get the biggest laugh out of them!

New Picture I added a new picture to my profile. …

New Picture

I added a new picture to my profile. I don’t know what happened, but my old one got deleted. Probally cause it was ugly, LOL, I like the new one so much better. For like the last year I have been going through an ugly stage in my life, I think I am coming around now and I am not so ugly any more. I never thought I was ugly until last year around my birthday, but I am over it now and back to my normal looking self. Speaking of Birthday’s….Pete is going to take me to Atlantic City for my Birthday this year. I am so excited. I have never been to Atlantic City. Pete being an Atlantic City native is excited to show me around. I loved Vegas and I know Atlantic City isn’t Las Vegas, but I think it has to be somewhat similar! Speaking of Birthday….I wanna wish Ani a Happy belated Birthday, With wedding stuff and I am so far behind in Birthday wishes this year!

The Bachelorette…The Movie Ok, I finally got …

The Bachelorette…The Movie

Ok, I finally got the Bachelorette Party Video to work. It takes FOREVER to download, but it’s cute! HERE is the link. I have included a few pictures also. This is my sister and I and also a group shot. The only girl missing is the one I got into a fight with that night….Long Story….LOL

Baby Baby Last night Katelyn and I went to babysi…

Baby Baby

Last night Katelyn and I went to babysit Ryleah for Nikki. We had a ball, all three of us. She is the sweetest baby, all smiles. Katelyn loves babies more then anything in the world, so she had a great time feeding and playing with Ryleah. It was a great evening. It made me realize just home much i want kids. I can’t wait to start a family! Here are a few pictures from the night:

Highlights Last night I took Lauren to get a hair…


Last night I took Lauren to get a hair cut and some highlights. It turned out really good. We had a great time. I love spending time with her, she is a great kid.

Tonight I have to go home and finish some last minute cleaning. Pete’s parents are coming for the weekend. It is always stressfull when they come. Stressful for Pete, I am fine. LOL This will be their last trip for a while. They are moving next Saturday to Arizona. We will miss them. Next weekend Pete is going to New Jersey to help pack up the moving truck. So I will have a girls weekend!

Recipe There is a new recipe on my recipe blog. …


There is a new recipe on my recipe blog. CHECK IT OUT!

Popcorn Fork I want one!

Popcorn Fork

I want one!

More Wedding Stuff I posted more pictures HERE! …

More Wedding Stuff

I posted more pictures HERE! I also tried uploading the video I made from Laura’s Bachorlerette party, but that doesn’t seem to be working. I will work on that tonight. As happy as I am that this wedding is over, I am sad too. I am sad that we don’t have any more planning to do. I can’t wait to plan my wedding. I just have to wait until we are engaged. With or budget now who knows when that will happen. The new car is killing our spending money! We still love her though. We have named her Annabelle! I love that name, and I know Pete will never go for it as or child’s name. Well that and the fact he swears we are having only boys. “Real Men Have Sons” LOL That is an ongoing joke with us. He said it once teasing me and I repeated it to his friend Erika, the momma of Reese. Well at Thanksgiving she repeated it and my dad (father of only girls) was there and she realized it and then put her foot in her mouth trying to fix it. We were all hysterical, including my dad! I told Pete just for that comment we will have all girls! LOL

Baby Reese My Posting was so sporadic the past mo…

Baby Reese

My Posting was so sporadic the past month with the wedding and my uncles death I forgot to make an announcement. Pete’s Godson was born on March 2, 2006 at 2:10pm. He weighted in at only 5lbs 12 ounces. Such a little guy. Pete and I went to visit March 11. Gosh it seems like that was so long ago when in reality it was less then a month. Pete’s friends named the baby after him. What an honor. Here are some pictures of baby Reese!

~Here is Pete’s Mom and the baby~

~This is the happy family, minus one proud older brother~

~Pete and his namesake~

~What a tiny little guy~

Mexico Laura called from Mexico and they are havi…


Laura called from Mexico and they are having a fabulous time. I on the other hand am still drop dead tired! I am so glad wedding preparations are over! I miss my sister though. We were spending so much time talking on the phone and seeing each other planning this wedding, that it seems strange I am not getting 12 phone calls a day! This weekend I am doing yard work and we are having Pete’s parents visit one last time before they move to Arizona on the 15th of April! We will miss them! Hopeful we will be going to Arizona for Christmas!

I do……. I am back. The wedding went off wi…

I do…….

I am back. The wedding went off without a hitch on Saturday. My sister was just the prettiest bride you could ever imagine! Getting ready for this wedding was one of the most stressfull things I have ever done. I never want to do it again. Laura looked so pretty and the service and reception were great. People had a wonderful time. My best friend Shannon made us the prettiest Jewelery to wear. It was just amazing! At the reception I was so Nervous about giving my Speach. It went fine, so I really didn’t have anything to worry about. The only gray cloud of the day was that my Mom wasn’t there with us. I know she was there in spirit, you could feel her all around. The wedding was at My mom’s church, St. Peter’s. At the church we had a bunch of Yellow Roses sitting on the seat in the spot she would have sat in. This way she was there, when I looked at the spot though tears came to my eyes. I missed her more Saturday then I have since she has been gone. Yesterday my dad and I took the flowers to the graveyard. At the Reception Laura danced a special dance in honor of her and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I miss her so much.

Here are the pictures I took. I can’t wait to see the professional ones. Pete and I danced the night away. He was spinning me and all! It was great fun. Like 100 people came up to Pete and I and asked when our wedding was. LOL I just kept saying I don’t know. the Recption was over at 12:00 and Laura had to be at the Airport at 4:30 am. Since I was sober I was thier driver! She called yesterday and is resting up safetly in Mexico! I can’t wait until she gets home!