I do……. I am back. The wedding went off wi…

I do…….

I am back. The wedding went off without a hitch on Saturday. My sister was just the prettiest bride you could ever imagine! Getting ready for this wedding was one of the most stressfull things I have ever done. I never want to do it again. Laura looked so pretty and the service and reception were great. People had a wonderful time. My best friend Shannon made us the prettiest Jewelery to wear. It was just amazing! At the reception I was so Nervous about giving my Speach. It went fine, so I really didn’t have anything to worry about. The only gray cloud of the day was that my Mom wasn’t there with us. I know she was there in spirit, you could feel her all around. The wedding was at My mom’s church, St. Peter’s. At the church we had a bunch of Yellow Roses sitting on the seat in the spot she would have sat in. This way she was there, when I looked at the spot though tears came to my eyes. I missed her more Saturday then I have since she has been gone. Yesterday my dad and I took the flowers to the graveyard. At the Reception Laura danced a special dance in honor of her and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I miss her so much.

Here are the pictures I took. I can’t wait to see the professional ones. Pete and I danced the night away. He was spinning me and all! It was great fun. Like 100 people came up to Pete and I and asked when our wedding was. LOL I just kept saying I don’t know. the Recption was over at 12:00 and Laura had to be at the Airport at 4:30 am. Since I was sober I was thier driver! She called yesterday and is resting up safetly in Mexico! I can’t wait until she gets home!


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