More Wedding Stuff I posted more pictures HERE! …

More Wedding Stuff

I posted more pictures HERE! I also tried uploading the video I made from Laura’s Bachorlerette party, but that doesn’t seem to be working. I will work on that tonight. As happy as I am that this wedding is over, I am sad too. I am sad that we don’t have any more planning to do. I can’t wait to plan my wedding. I just have to wait until we are engaged. With or budget now who knows when that will happen. The new car is killing our spending money! We still love her though. We have named her Annabelle! I love that name, and I know Pete will never go for it as or child’s name. Well that and the fact he swears we are having only boys. “Real Men Have Sons” LOL That is an ongoing joke with us. He said it once teasing me and I repeated it to his friend Erika, the momma of Reese. Well at Thanksgiving she repeated it and my dad (father of only girls) was there and she realized it and then put her foot in her mouth trying to fix it. We were all hysterical, including my dad! I told Pete just for that comment we will have all girls! LOL

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