Stranded at the Drive – In Ok not Stranded, but…

Stranded at the Drive – In

Ok not Stranded, but I love that song from grease, which is one of my favorite movies. Tonight I am taking 3 little girls to the drive in. Katelyn, Tabitha and Sabrina. We are going to see Ice Age 2, I am hoping they fall asleep so I can stay for Scary Movie 4. Pete is going to New Jersey to help pack up his parents and his sister, so I am on my own this weekend. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a Friday night then with 3 of my favorite little girls. Yesterday Pete and I were talking about saving money and what we want to spend our saved money on(a wedding??)and all and he said I would have more if I didn’t always want to spend what i have on other people’s kids. I told him if we could hurry up and have our own I wouldn’t need to spend so much on others. LOL he was just kidding of course cause he is the first to pick up something in the store for one of the kids. I do enjoy spending time with them. I love conversations with five year olds. You can get the biggest laugh out of them!


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