Happy Easter Wow what a nice quiet weekend I have…

Happy Easter

Wow what a nice quiet weekend I have had. Saturday I dyed Easter Eggs with Katelyn and then took a 3 hour drive to pick up Lauren from a friend’s house. We had a great lunch at a little place called Baugher’s. Just us girls. We hung out until around 6:30 or so, then I went home and my brother-in-Law came over for dinner and we talked about our plans for the next day. We decided to have our semi traditional Holiday Breakfast. Brandon has fallen right into the groove of me being the “mom”. He loves me cooking for him as much as my sister does. LOL So today Laura and him were both supposed to get off work at 7:00am, at 7:05 he called and said that the police department was making him stay over for 4 hours. That was GREAT! Laura and I ran up and got in my bed and slept til 11:00am. Then we had a great breakfast. After that they went home to sleep and I went to the graveyard. Last night for Easter dinner my Dad, Laura and I went out for steamed crabs. We had a great time! All in all it was a great Easter!

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